Incense is an aromatic substance that people have used since ancient times as a healing or health-improving agent, as well as when performing religious rituals.

The aromas of incense help to tune in to meditation or spiritual practices. Incense promotes concentration, mental tranquility, inspiration and positive energy. In addition, incense can be used as air fragrances for indoor or outdoor. It is believed that with the help of incense, you can clean and harmonize the energy of the house.

Varieties of incense

There are many ways to classify incense. This is due to the wide range of the applications and the huge number of varieties.

According to the purpose, incense is divided into:

  • Soothing (sandalwood, chamomile, vanilla, tea tree, lemon balm, geranium).
  • Stimulating (rosemary, orange, lemon, mandarin, magnolia, cedar, cinnamon)
  • Protective (incense, juniper, sage, rose, cloves, almond).
  • Stabilizing (jasmine, thyme, oregano, lavender, myrrh, rose, mint).

According to the form, incense comes in the form of powder, coil, sticks, cones, and oils.

According to the method of incense burning, incense can be of two main types:

  • Non-combustible incense. This is incense in the form of granular mixtures, small briquettes or balls. They are not shaped into any particular form and hence are not suitable for direct burning. Such incense is burned in incense burners, where it is placed on hot charcoal or embers.
  • Combustible incense. In such incense (usually in the form of cones or sticks), finely ground aromatic ingredients are mixed with a combustible material. The cone or stick is first set on fire, allowed to flare up a little, and then the fire is blown out, leaving the incense to smolder.

What incense sticks, cones and burners are the best?

1. Tibetan Incense Sticks 22 Cm, various scents (under $5)

Indian incense sticks with various scents

Incense sticks are the most popular type of incense. This popularity is due to convenience, ease of use and low cost. The Indian incense is in the highest demand. The scent base is applied to a bamboo stick, which is then soaked for several days with essential oil, resulting in a double fragrance. It is thanks to this technology that Indian sticks have a strong persistent smell, they immediately fill the room with aroma. Each pack contains 8 sticks.

The most popular essential oils in Indian sticks are sandalwood, patchouli (stimulates passion) and eucalyptus (helps with colds).

2. Incense cones of various scents, 52 pcs per pack (under $10)

All-natural incense cones of various scents

Backflow incense cones are cones of a special design that create a thicker smoke that cascades down, rather than rising up, as from ordinary incense sticks.

The main distinguishing feature of such cones is the absence of a bamboo base, due to which the aroma remains completely unchanged during combustion (without admixture of bamboo combustion products). This type of incense gives a more intense aroma due to the large combustion area. You may choose from various scents, such as Agilawood, Green Tea, Lemon, Qi Nan or Ambergris, or go for the mixed scents pack.

How to use incense?

For a bamboo stick, you need a horizontal holder, and for a baseless version (a cone), you need a burner.

3. Creative reverse-flow incense burner (under $20)

Creative waterfall incense burner with free incense cones

This simple but surprisingly elegant incense burner is made of ceramic with a glaze like waterfalls. The smoke will fall like a quiet waterfall and look amazing, contrasting with the shiny dark glaze. It will be a great decoration for the interior of your room and will serve you for many years. With this burner, you get a 20 pcs pack of incense cones as a gift!

4. Ceramic incense burner with a copper lid in an exquisite style (under $5)

Vintage ceramic incense burner with a lid

The bowl is suitable for an incense cone, incense stick, incense coil and incense powder. It can be applicable while using in the house, office, temple, SPA room, Yoga room, tea house.

How to choose and apply incense

1. When choosing incense, you should rely on your taste. Choose the scents that you like. Too strong aroma can lead to headaches and nausea.

2. Pay attention to the quality, it is natural that the price of good incense will not be cheap.

3. Do not burn incense around the clock, this can lead to a lost your sense of smell. In everything you need to know when to stop.