What is Mystery Box?

Mystery boxes and virtual mystery boxes are two types of surprise boxes that contain secret prizes inside. In both cases, you pay a fixed price to unbox the box and discover what is inside. Mystery boxes have been popular for some time, especially among gaming communities, but they have recently gained wider attention due to YouTubers creating content about their experiences with case openings.

Real boxes are those that are physically shipped to you, like those offered by Amazon. Once they are delivered, you can open the box to reveal your prize. Virtual mystery boxes, on the other hand, allow you to find out what your prize is immediately on the website.

There are some key differences between real and virtual mystery boxes. Real boxes may be less exciting because you have to wait for the delivery to find out what is inside, and they are often more expensive. In addition, the selection of categories for real boxes may not be as varied as for virtual boxes. On the other hand, virtual boxes tend to be relatively low in price and offer a wide variety of themed cases. They also allow you to exchange your prize directly on the website and often provide users with bonuses, gift cards, promo codes, and giveaways.

HypeDrop review

HypeDrop is a mystery box service that offers a chance for users to try their luck and win items by making a deposit. The creators claim to have improved upon the traditional mystery box industry by offering high-quality, "Hypebeast" items instead of lower value items.

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How does it work?

To use HypeDrop, users must create an account and make a deposit using a payment method such as PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard. The boxes available for purchase range in price from $0.99 to $249, and users can see the contents of each box before deciding which one to purchase. If a user is not satisfied with their prize, they can sell it with a commission being paid and continue opening boxes. Once a user has an item they want to keep, they can request a withdrawal and wait up to 72 hours for the process to be completed.

HypeDrop delivery

Delivery of the item can take up to four weeks, although in some cases it may take up to 90 days. HypeDrop has a presence on social media platforms and a page on Trustpilot with mostly positive reviews, although some users have complained about not winning higher value items.

HypeDrop bonus & promocodes 2022

HypeDrop offers bonuses and promo codes, including a free box for signing up and uploading positive feedback. Some users have expressed frustration with the process for finding and redeeming promo codes, as they are not always prominently displayed on the website.

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Overall, HypeDrop offers a guaranteed payout, even if it is a lower value item, and transparent odds of unboxing higher value items.

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