Hair Removal

Today’s fashion to remove body hair has resulted in multiple methods of depilation, all trying to better the shaving method, which can result in rashes, cuts and, because it only slices the hair off, rapid regrowth. These newer methods include creams and waxes.

The best, most effective method of hair removal is via a laser. This near pain-free treatment results in smooth, hairless skin in a few quick sessions, and in some cases can be permanent. However, for home remedies, there are several options. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair root deep down in the follicle, meaning that although it grows back, it takes time. Waxing is the most popular DIY method of hair removal and can be carried out at a salon, or very easily in the privacy of your own home. The hairs are removed from the root, and over time, with repeated waxing as necessary, the follicles will actually stop developing hairs permanently.

Anytime wax is used to remove body hair, there’s the residue left on your skin which is not only unsightly but can result in a painful rash. Merely picking it off hurts, may leave nasty bruises and is often ineffectual anyway. So what’s the best way to remove wax left on your skin?

Well, the best way is not to allow it to stick in the first place, and this is simply a case of ensuring you moisturize thoroughly a few hours before you plan to use the wax. The moisturizer needs a good couple of hours to absorb into your skin, otherwise, the wax won’t be as effective at hair removal.

Removing Wax Residue

There are several methods to remove wax from your skin, however, before trying any of them, it’s a good idea to wash the area with warm water and apply a quality water-based moisturizer.

Hot water compress

First soak a clean washcloth, or some cotton pads, in hot water. Being careful that the temperature is comfortable for you, place it over the wax, and leave for up to 60 seconds. This softens the wax, allowing you to gently wipe it off with the cloth. Once it’s all gone, pat dry and use the moisturizer again to soothe your skin.


Gently heat up a little mineral, massage, or olive oil in a bowl placed over a pan of boiling water. Making sure it isn’t too hot, take a clean washcloth or cotton pad and dip it in the oil.

Saturate the patch of wax, allowing the warm oil to seep underneath it. This loosens its hold on your skin. Hold it on the wax for about two minutes, before wiping the residue off with a clean cloth. Apply some moisturizer to the area to lessen the risk of sore patches developing.

Petroleum jelly

Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly over the waxy area, rubbing it in well. After about five minutes, with a clean cotton pad, wipe the whole thing away, wax and jelly. It should come away smoothly and easily. Moisturize the area thoroughly.