As humans, we are always reminded by our doctors and loved ones to keep ourselves hydrated. We carry tumblers, bottles and even jugs of water to keep drinking water all day.

We know how dehydration affects our body and it is a very uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, situation for your dog. When you see them looking lethargic, one reason could be is that they are dehydrated. In the summer or even in the dry, cold air of winter, we must remember to give them as much water as possible.

What's Dehydration in Dogs


Dehydration is when your dog is not consuming enough water than they are losing in a day. Your dog will feel hot and dry and may pant. Some breeds are more susceptible to dehydration. Toy breeds and puppies are more prone to suffer dehydration as they shed water quickly in comparison to adults or big dogs.

It can be easily be treated with a bowl of fresh, clean water. If your dog is dehydrated because of an illness, it is best to get them checked by a vet so he could prescribe a proper medication to aid your dehydrated pet.



Panting is the most obvious sign of dehydration. If your pet is panting even when he is not active or jumping around, it might be because he is feeling hot and dry.


Dehydration can cause your dog to sleep a lot. It is because the drought has brought his energy levels down.

Yellow/orange/brown pee

The color of your dog’s urine is an indication of whether he is drinking enough water. If it is a yellow, orange, or brown pee, then you might want to give your pet more water to drink. The darker the color the more dehydrated your dog is. If you see red or blood in your dog’s urine, make sure to immediately take it to the vet.

Loss of appetite

Like sleeping, the loss of appetite to eat is another indication of dehydration because your pet lack energy to do even the most basic things.

Sunken and dry eyes

Sunken and dull eyes will accompany lethargy and loss of appetite. Your dog might look like he’s depressed, but he’s just dehydrated.


When you have diagnosed your dog to be dehydrated, the best way to treat that is to first visit a Vet. It will eliminate any possibility of other diseases that are causing dehydration to your pet. Your vet might prescribe or advise some Electrolyte Supplements and Hydration drink like K9 Power – Go Dog – Total Hydration & Performance Drink for Active Dogs.

The K9 Power Go Dog helps your dog retain hydration and gives him lots of energy throughout the day. It is also a supplement to aid muscular function while recovering from severe dehydration. It is specially formulated with proteins and carbohydrates to go with electrolytes to not just hydrate, but also nourish and energize. Mix it in your dog’s water and you can be sure it will be lapped up in no time. It’s well worth keeping a tub of K9 Power Go Dog in your doggy first aid kit just in case during those especially hot summer days.

You may also want to give your dog an icy treat. Give your pet cold water or cold fruits that are safe for him. Although if he has been dehydrated, don’t allow him to gulp down lots of cold water – make sure it’s at room temperature.