Home remedies for Nausea

Nausea or as it is commonly known, feeling sick, happens for a number of reasons, and usually, it goes away on its own. Most of the time, it is a symptom of other conditions, and it can be treated at home without consulting a doctor. In other cases where the condition tends to become more severe, nausea may become unbearable, and seeing a doctor should be priority number one.

Common causes for nausea

Nausea is usually accompanied by other symptoms, and based on that, the general practitioner can find out the proper diagnose on how to treat it.

Accompanied Symptoms – Possible Cause

High temperature and headache – Infection, like the flu
Bloating after eating, or heartburn – Acid reflux
Vomiting or diarrhea – Norovirus, food poisoning
Dizziness – Vertigo, labyrinthitis
Sensitivity to light or sound, Headache – Migraine

However, there can also be other reasons why we might feel nauseated like alcohol, pregnancy, recent surgery, and certain medicines. If you don’t feel any better after a few days, or if it is a recurring thing, you should consult a doctor. In cases where you have chest pain, that feels heavy or tight, shortness of breath, or pain that spreads to your jaw, neck, arms, and back, call an ambulance!

Some people find that they experience car, sea or air sickness when taking a trip, and some forms of sickness can even prevent you from flying. Using natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms of sickness can allow your trip to go ahead without any worries.

When it comes to the mild cases of nausea, you must get fresh air as much as possible, eat frequently but in smaller portions, and take Tummydrops. These drops are explicitly made for this since they contain a mixture of soothing peppermint oils, that help deal with motion sickness and digestive upsets. Tummydrops are completely non-sedating and drug-free, made from all natural ingredients to treat nausea. They are often referred to pregnant women to help with morning sickness since, and they also have excellent taste!

The success rate of Tummydrops is through the roof, from regular people that get nauseated a couple of times a year, to those that have more serious conditions like chronic nausea. Not to mention the countless number of pregnant women that use them very frequently to help with morning sickness.

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