Mouth Ulcers Or Canker Sores

Also known as canker sores, mouth ulcers are most of the time quite harmless, but they tend to be uncomfortable as they can cause difficulties in drinking, eating, and brushing your teeth. They can be any size, and the symptoms will vary depending on the type of ulcer, however they are benign and with some gentle, but effective home remedies, you’ll soon be free of them.

What Causes Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers can be caused by an array of different medical conditions, some of which include viruses (i.e. the common cold virus), chickenpox, as well as vitamin B12 deficiency.

They can be brought on from injury, such as biting the inside of your cheek, injuring yourself while brushing your teeth, rubbing against teeth that are either sharp or not properly aligned, or poor oral hygiene. Some potentially more serious causes could be mouth burns from eating very hot food, an oral thrush infection, a virus infection like  herpes simplex (i.e. cold sore), and some other medical conditions.

While mouth ulcers tend to go away on their own within 7-10 days, as previously mentioned, some causes of mouth ulcers can be more serious, such as the herpes simplex. That’s why it’s important to seek medical attention if you have an unusual mouth ulcer that lasts for longer than 10 days.

How To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

One of the best home remedies for mouth ulcers is Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse

This mouthwash effectively treats mouth ulcers, mouth burns, irritations, and oral sores. By reducing the bacteria in oral wounds, it rapidly encourages ulcers to heal.

Salt Water Rinse

Into a mug of warm water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt, and gargle with it two to three times a day. This cost effective treatment will clear up ulcers and sores, quickly and easily.

If you’re concerned, please seek medical advice from your doctor.