Acne Causes And Symptoms

At some point in life, everyone suffers from some form of acne, which occurs when the secretions from oil glands within the skin block pores. If those openings are large, it leads to the development of blackheads, if they’re small, whiteheads will appear. Both the blackheads and whiteheads can develop into tender, swollen inflammations, deeper lumps, pimples, or nodules. The majority of acne cases are adolescents, while only around 20% occur in adults. They start to develop from the ages 10 to 13 and can last for five to ten years, usually going away in the early 20s. While they can affect both sexes, boys often suffer from more severe cases.

They are most common in the face; however, they can develop on the chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and back. Do check that your acne isn’t simply spots or a potentially more serious condition known as boils.

How To Get Rid Of Acne – Home Treatment

Using an effective Vitamin C skin cream can make a real difference, and Vitamin C skin serums are designed to be quickly absorbed, with the key ingredients being readily accessible and easily utilised.

Treating acne is relatively easy if you chose the right products. Acnetame Vitamin Supplements help to decrease oil production in your skin, and at the same time, improve skin healing time. It contains active ingredients including B5, Vitamin A, and NAC (Sulfur).

Types Of Acne

There are four main causes of acne, either on their own or in combination, including:

  • Your oil glands producing oil excessively
  • The natural oils combined with dead skin cells on your face clogging hair follicles
  • Bacteria in your pores causing inflammation
  • Hormonal imbalance, or the excess of male hormones in your body

There are four main types of acne, and these can be defined as:


Comedones are a type of acne caused by clogging of the hair follicle with dead skin cells and oil from your oil glands. Sometimes, cosmetic products and certain oils can cause a breakout of comedones on your face, which is why such products are labeled as “comedogenic”. If you are prone to breakouts of this type, avoid cosmetic products that are comedogenic and look for those products that are clearly labeled “noncomedogenic”, as such cosmetics are generally developed with ingredients that do not irritate the skin.


Blackheads are a type of comedone. Blackheads are not clogged, but rather open on the surface, and filled with your skin’s natural oils and dead skin cells that combine together and harden, settling in your pores. Blackheads can be a nuisance, but good news is that they are easily treated with alternative and home remedies.


Whiteheads are comedones that aren’t open at the surface of the skin. They are clogged hair follicles closed off by excess oil and dead skin cells. Blackheads and whiteheads alike are easily treatable with over-the-counter medicines, DIY face masks and scrubs, etc.


Papules are another type of comedones. However, this type of comedones comes with inflammation which is sometimes followed by slight pain and irritation. The inflammation usually causes a red bump on the skin. Picking at papules is never recommended, as the bacteria from your hands can worsen the inflammation and cause an even bigger issue. Should you have an abnormally large count of papules of varying sizes on any part of your body, especially your face, you are at risk of having moderate or severe acne, for which you should seek medical attention.


This type of acne is the closest to what we know simply as a pimple. They look like whiteheads accompanied with redness and generally contain whitish or yellowish pus. Again, it is not recommended to squeeze pustules, as you can cause scarring and dark spots which are later very hard to get rid of.

Acne can usually be treated at home and generally does not require the attention of a specialist doctor (usually a dermatologist, sometimes an endocrinologist).

If you, or your teen, are suffering from acne, make sure to seek medical attention in a severe case and read up on possible acne causes in order to eliminate them.