Hand trimmers are an important part of the gardening arsenal. However, a large number of tools on the market can cause some difficulty for the beginner in choosing. There is a big difference between a light garden trimmer for ordinary grass and a heavy industrial shrub trimmer. The former is suitable for mowing vegetation and weeds around the garden, while the latter is designed for quick clearing of dense overgrowth and undergrowth on undeveloped land.

Electric versions are designed for owners of small cottages and garden plots who do not want to spend extra time on their maintenance. These handy and maneuverable machines are easy to operate, and even inexperienced gardeners can achieve impressive results with them without training.

TOP-5 Hedge Trimmers

Here we've compiled the TOP-5 trimmers that are perfect for you.


PARTNER PGT 430 petrol hedge trimmer

The Partner for garden Professionals PGT 430 Series is a powerful petrol brushcutter mower with an engine capacity of 43 cm3. Even the high engine speed of 11,000 rpm and the 1,200 ml tank capacity allow you to mow thick vegetation for a long time without refueling. Inexpensive Partner 430 brushcutter is good for garden plots as well as for urban areas. Partner Petrol Trimmer - equally easy to handle small bushes and weeds in the countryside.


Speed of 11,000 rpm;



Quite heavy.

2. WORX WG259E.9 20V

WORX WG259E.9 20V cordless hedge trimmer

The WORX cordless brush cutter is designed for quick and efficient hedge trimming. The dual 52cm laser-ground blade guarantees a precise and accurate cut.Inside there isthe Worx PowerShare 20V battery, which is used for most Worx wireless tools. Charger is not sold with a device, needs to be bought separately, allowing you to find the best battery capacity for your application. The hedge trimmer has accidental blade start protection and a two-handed blade lock.



Accidental start protection;

Blade lock.


Slow charging.


PATRIOT CSH 361 wireless hedge trimmer

The lightweight and quiet battery-powered CH 360 wireless hedge trimmer is cordless and requires no additional power.

Designed for trimming and pruning shrubs in the garden. Stand-alone operation time - up to 15 minutes. Full charging time - up to 55 minutes with 2A power adapter (USB Type-C cable included).

Charges from any smartphone power adapter via USB port. The controls are located on the extension handle.


Fast charging;

Lightweight and quiet.


15 min operation time.

4. Bosch ISIO 3

Bosch ISIO 3 wireless grass shears

Bosch ISIO wireless grass shears are indispensable helpers in the household plot when it is necessary to cut the grass in hard-to-reach places, in the "dead zones" that remain after lawnmowers, and trimmers cut the grass not so neatly. That is why Bosch ISIO is intended rather for auxiliary functions, but thanks to its practicality, high quality, and reasonable price it is rightfully in high demand among private house owners and dacha owners.



High-quality build.


Slow charging.

5. PATRIOT PT 7251

PATRIOT PT 7251 electric brush cutter

Light and quiet shrub shear PT 7251 is designed for cutting and trimming hedges, bushes, ornamental plants. The shrub shearer is easy to operate. It has a pivoting handle for side trimming. Laser sharpening provides a perfectly sharp cutting edge. The shrub trimmer is equipped with a lock against accidental start-up and plastic protection for the operator's hands.


Protection of hands and against accidental start;

Blades are laser sharpened.


Quite heavy.

How to choose a good hedge trimmer?

For large areas or difficult lawns, tethering the tool to a power outlet is inconvenient. In these conditions, wireless trimmers are the solution.

These tools are equipped with lightweight, long-life lithium-ion batteries to ensure effective trimming, even in difficult situations. Cordless grass trimmers will give the owner the freedom of movement that is required to work in a large area. An important advantage is the absence of the extra hassle and expense that accompanies the operation of a gasoline-powered machine. Cordless models do not come with a blade and therefore are designed only for mowing lawns and low grass.