If you are a hamster owner or are planning to become one, this article is for you.  Although hamsters are small animals, they require care and definitely deserve a nice and convenient house that will also look good in your apartment.

Hamsters, like humans, need a home with the maximum range of amenities.  A house where they can eat, relax and play. and more importantly, where they will feel safe at all times. Today's hamster cage manufacturers offer thousands of different models with a variety of designs and functions.  This post introduces to you the 5 cages and their advantages and disadvantages.

Top 5 Best Hamster cages of 2022

1. Hamster cage "Two-storey luxury villa" (under $30)

Two-storey Hamster cage

A medium-sized cage for one or two hamsters is equipped with everything your pet needs.  On the ground floor, a bowl for food and a drinking fountain.  On the second floor, there is a small rest house with a running wheel under it.  A slide descends from the second floor, and lines are highlighted for a more convenient ascent.


  • Enough space for a comfortable pet housing.
  • Includes all necessary parts, no need to buy extra accessories
  • Simple design. Available in various colors


  • Plastic doesn't seem to be of high quality. The cage can be easily damaged during transportation
  • The hamster may not be able to climb the slide. Some parts may be slippery

2. Transparent Portable House for Hamsters (under $60)

Transparent Portable Hamster cage

Small multifunctional cage for your hamster.  Lovers of small pets will definitely appreciate a running wheel and a sealed water jug.  The cage is not suitable for the constant presence of a pet in it, but it is the best option for transportation.


  • Convenient when carrying
  • Nice design
  • Safe for the hamster
  • There is a jogging wheel and a drinking jug


  • Not very well equipped
  • Price could be lower

3. Skylight Hamster House (under $20)

Skylight Hamster House

A medium-sized cage is suitable for both transport and housing.  The cost matches the appearance.  The complete set will allow your pet to rest and exercise in the same place. This cage will serve the hamster for a long time, and the price and appearance will delight the owner.


  • Safe and secure
  • Full set, very well equipped
  • Great design
  • Cost matches quality


  • May be a little tight for a well-fed hamster

4. Three-storey Hamster Castle (under $50-75)

Three-storey Hamster Cage

A tall cage of three tiers, with slides through all three floors and a running wheel.  On the upper floor, there is a sleeping area, on the middle floor there is a bottle for water, and on the lower floor, there is a place for a bowl of food. There are different colors for every taste.  Some details can be rearranged around the cage.  A great gift for your hamster.


  • Large space
  • Strength and stability
  • Three designs to choose from
  • Everything hamster needs is included
  • Affordable price for a quality product


  • This product is not suitable for chubby hamsters

5. Multifunctional Hamster Cage (under $50 - 105)

Multifunctional Hamster Cage

Finally, the perfect home for your hamster, or perhaps your two hamsters.  This house will surely fit into any interior and your pet will like it.  Full functionality will allow the hamster to live in perfect comfort and fully maintain his physical activity. You may equip the cage as you see fit, there's a good choice of accessories that you can use. If you have more than one hamster, you can buy two cages and simply put them one on top of another, and you'll get a comfortable two-storey house.


  • Functional, customizable
  • Ample space for 2 hamsters
  • There is an opportunity to personally equip the cage
  • Decent price
  • Safe for the pet


  • The price is low, but this is the price of an empty cage. You'll have to buy accessories to make it into a fully functioning cage.

How to buy a good hamster cage? Buying guide

Choosing a hamster cage may seem easy, but there're a few important criteria that you should keep in mind when you shop for a hamster cage.

  1. Pet size to cage ratio. Make sure that the size of the cage matches or is larger than the pet itself. Check the size of all accessories.  After all, no one knows what can happen if your fat animal gets stuck in a tunnel.
  2. Cage functionality. This criterion depends on your preference and the purpose of the purchase.  Buy a small house with a handle if you need a carrier, or a large cage to live in.
  3. Convenience and safety. When buying, you must be sure that the hamster will not be harmed when falling from the top floor of the cage.  Moreover, he should have everything he needs: a bottle, a bowl and a wheel.
  4. Quality and cost. On the one hand, it seems like the more expensive is the cage, the better.  But it's not always the case.  Make sure the quality and whether the product is worth the money: read real reviews to see if other people found the quality satisfying.
  5. Appearance. This isn’t the most important point, but aesthetes should keep it in mind.

Now you know more about hamster cages and will definitely make your little pet happy when you buy it a new house!