We all are in search of our ideal image. Our tastes change repeatedly throughout our lives. We look for ourselves in everything: in our favorite business, in music, in cooking. But most often we think about our appearance and style. Therefore, it is very important not to be afraid to change yourself and your appearance in order to feel confident and comfortable every day. One of the most important attributes of our image is undoubtedly our hairstyle. It opens up new horizons for creativity. That is why you should choose good care products. One of the main ones is a hair lightener. Thanks to it, we can change our hair color and do it so that it looks beautiful and fresh. It is especially important to make the right choice if you decide to dye your hair yourself and not in the salon. Below we have prepared for you a line of the best hair bleaches for today.

1.       Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener ($16.95)

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener

Clairol Professional Dedusted Extra Strength bleach is a hair lightening product made on the basis of a powder. This helps the product to be evenly sprayed over the entire surface of the scalp and to color the hair roots in the best possible way. BW2's formula provides long-lasting durability and dust protection. It can be used partially, combined with other colors or natural hair color to create perfect transitions. This line implies the presence of other illuminators on a cream basis, such as Clairol Professional Basic White, which is also an effective method.

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2.       Schwarzköpf IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS ($44.44)

Schwarzköpf IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS Blonde Lightening Powder

This product belongs to premium products and is suitable for those who are ready to pay the most attention to their hair, as this product is rich in various oils that strengthen the hair roots and make their structure more dense and intact. The composition of the clarifier includes grapeseed oil, saturating the hair with vitamins C and E, natural ectoin to maintain the level of kerotene in the hair, beeswax to create smoothness and shine, and much more. The manufacturer focuses on cool colors to avoid unnecessary yellowness. The set also includes a comb with a metal tip to create a parting. This bleach is as well as the first one is based on the powder effect.

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3.       Wella Blondor Powder Lightener($32.40)

Wella Blondor Powder Lightener

The Blondor collection from Wella Professionals includes a wide range of products that provide excellent results in the entire range of light shades, helping to create the perfect color solutions for any type of blonde. Blondor funds a guaranteed lightening and gentle effect on hair and scalp, a wide range of light shades-from warm to very cold, and quick highlighting service. The product of this company involves 7 levels of clarification. The instructions for the product include a table for calculating the required concentration of the substance.

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4.       Blönd Förte Extra Strength Professional Hair Bleach ($15.95)

Blönd Förte Extra Strength Professional Hair Bleach

This product is universal and suitable for all hair types (Brunette, Dark Hair, Asian Hair, African American Hair, Hispanic Hair). It can be used even by the brightest brunettes, as it contains several levels of lightening of your hair. Due to the use of coconut oil, the hair retains moisture and becomes soft and fluffy. In addition, the oil interrupts the smell of ammonia, which makes the clarifier pleasant to use. Unlike the previous versions, this product has a creamy texture, is evenly applied to the hair, and does not require any effort, since the application technique is absolutely simple. In addition, the manufacturer of this hair lightener guarantees the quality of the manufactured products and guarantees a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the quality of the products.

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5.       VR Blue Bleaching Hair Powder ($21.99)

VR Blue Bleaching Hair Powder

This particular Extra Strength Lightener is produced by  an Italian manufacturer, which ensures that it is a professional salon quality product. Made on a cream base, it is easy to apply to the hair and allows you to dye the hair from the roots to the tips. There is also an anti-dust technology, which makes the painting process more qualitative. The main advantage of this product is the absence of ammonia in the composition, which provides less damage to the hair. It has 8 levels of lightening, and guarantees a bright and rich color for a long time. This product is really worthy of closing our top list of the best products for lightening and highlighting hair.

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Now you know what lightening products are best to choose if you decide to change your image. These products can be used to become a blonde or prepare you for further transformation. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and look for your perfect image!