Are you studying English or maybe you are an English teacher, but still make mistakes from time to time? You need a tool that not only catches mistakes but also helps you learn from them so that you can improve your English.

Grammarly is perfect for this.

Grammarly is a full-featured program that checks English grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and much more in real-time on various platforms, including Microsoft Word, WordPress, and so on. The service will help you save your time by proofreading the text – Grammarly will detect a misprint and indicate exactly where you forgot to put a comma. You can also immediately upload texts for verification in your account, which is very convenient since they are all automatically saved. Grammarly helps to avoid annoying mistakes, gives feedback on suggestions, and gives a clear idea of how to improve your writing. Grammarly also has a browser extension to help you get all the features of Grammarly in your web browsers, for example when editing documents in Google Docs or any other platform.

Who needs Grammarly?

  • freelancers and copywriters who write in English and want to check the English text for errors
  • SMMs who run Instagram pages and work with foreign clients;
  • interpreters to check the correctness of the English text;
  • students who learn English and write essays;
  • businessmen who cooperate with foreign clients and employees
    anyone who needs written English.

The service offers a free version of the program, which is good in its way, but nothing compares to the possibility of a premium version, the pros and cons of which we will share below.

On the one hand, you can use the basic functions of Grammarly  Free, including:

  • Spelling;
  • Grammatical corrections;
  • Punctuation suggestions.

If you pay for Grammarly Premium, you will unlock the following features:

  • Contextual spelling correction;
  • Grammar and punctuation editing;
  • Sentence structure and style suggestions;
  • Plagiarism detection;
  • Alternative phrases.

The biggest advantage is that the premium version, in addition to correcting your mistakes, offers more options to improve your writing. It also checks your text according to 400 rules instead of the 200 suggested in the basic version.

Learn more about some of the benefits of a Premium subscription.

  • Built-in translator

Grammarly Premium also has a translator.

  • Checking the writing style for a specific genre

The reason people liked Grammarly Premium is that it can define writing style and suggest the best way to start writing. You can choose the type of letter (business, medical, personal, or any other), and it will offer the best way for you. It will also help you to use different writing styles in different formats.

  • Plagiarism detection

After you have written your text, you can immediately check it for plagiarism. Also if you hire writers for yourself, you will need to make sure that they do not copy the content. Grammarly can easily help you point out any duplicate content in your post. It will accurately point out non-original words in the text by marking them, and you can also see repeated words there. Thus, it is very important to use this feature for writing SEO articles.

  • Advanced Grammar check

This function detects all possible errors in your message. Writing style and other great features like using sentences correctly and finding the perfect way to write each sentence.

  • Vocabulary improvement

This feature allows you to add vocabulary to your article. It points to the same words that are often used in the article and suggests another common meaning of this word that is closer to you.

Note, the main goal of Grammarly is to make sure that your writing is as error-free and professional as possible. The program development team is constantly developing writing functions and constantly updating the program taking into account the latest technologies and trends.


You should understand and accept the fact that this is just a program. It cannot be trusted 100 %. Be sure to additionally look through your texts even after checking, break what you have written into pieces, upload the text to your Grammarly account, do not even upload it, but make a “copy-paste” (we do not recommend adding a ready-made document).


For anyone who works a lot with words (e.g. students, writers, professors, etc.), Grammarly will be one of the best tools for analytical writing. Why? Because political correctness in your grammar is not as simple as it seems.

With the Grammarly Premium tool, you can focus more on creativity, and the service will help to improve the result.

Grammarly Premium offers many additional advantages over the free version so that it becomes much easier for you to work with the language. Grammarly premium subscription is definitely worth it.