Special bags are used to transport golf clubs. After all, a golf bag is one of the main accessories of a practicing golfer, which can greatly simplify the life of its owner. Choosing a golf bag depends on the storage space you need and whether you are going to carry the bag yourself or whether you have a caddie or a cart. If you are going to move around the golf course by cart, the weight of the golf bag does not matter. But if you plan on walking, you need a lighter bag. The golf bags have several pockets to fit in a variety of equipment and items that a golfer may need during golfing. Almost all bags inside are divided into several compartments for each type of clubs – this makes it easier to get the club out and put it back. There are various golf bags designed for all types of golf games. In this article, we will briefly describe several types of golf bags to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Top 5 Golf Bags of 2022

1. Staff/tour bags: Helix Nylon Golf Cart Bag (under $400)

Helix golf bag with wheels

These are the largest among all golf bags. They are used by professional golfers or high-end amateur players. Such bags are usually carried by the player’s assistant, the caddie. The bags are usually made of high-quality leather and may have the player’s emblem on them. They fit a full set of 14 golf clubs and have plenty of pockets for other golfing equipment you can take with you on the course. Professional players, as a rule, prefer tour golf bags, because the caddie carries the equipment for them. Taking this, they can take all the equipment, giving their sponsors a large advertising space.

2. Cart bags: Golf Store Multifunctional Golf Bag (under $200)

PGM Multifunctional Golf Bag

The cart golf bag gets its name because it is designed to be carried by cart, although it can also be carried in the hands or on the shoulder. These bags have less total storage space, although they have many compartments and pockets. They are made of lightweight materials, so they are not so heavy to carry.

3. Carry/Sunday bags: PLAYEAGLE Golf Gun Bag (under $100).

PLAYEAGLE golf gun bag

These are the smallest bags in existence. They are mainly made of nylon, plastic and other lightweight materials. Such bags are carried by the player or caddie. These portable bags are designed for storing the most necessary things: clubs, several balls and other small accessories. Such bags usually have one or two straps, so that the bag with equipment can be carried as a backpack. They are very light that are convenient both to carry and to store when not in use. As a rule, in such bags there are few pockets, there are no special compartments for different types of clubs.

4. Carry/Stand bags: PGM Lightweight Portable Stand Bag (under $100).

PGM Lightweight portable golf stand bag

They are also lightweight portable bags. This is the best choice for those who prefer to carry their bag around the golf course. Many golf bags have accessories that make them easier to use. For example this golf beg has a solid frame in their design with a retractable stand, thanks to which the bag will stand steadily on the turf or sand – with the help of the stand the golf bag stands at an angle, and you can easily get the clubs out of it.

5. Travel bags: PGM Aviation Golf Bag (under $100)

PGM Travel golf bag

Travel bags are used to transport golf clubs and other equipment during air travel. This bag is lightweight and comes with a free travel cover of the perfect travel size (45 x 70 cm). Excellent choice for air travellers.

What to pay special attention to when choosing a golf bag.

1. Light weight and capacity of the golf bag at the same time.

Walking around the golf courses can be quite tiring. The average weight of a full golf bag is 10 kilograms. Therefore, pay attention to nylon bags, which are very light and durable. Leather, although more upscale and long wearing, can only be considered an option if you use a cart or a trolley. A good golf bag should also hold a variety of clubs and all the necessary equipment for golfing.

2. Convenience in carrying the golf bag

Also pay attention to a few important details, such as the quality and quantity of the carrying handles. In a good golf bag one should be on top and the other two should be in the center.