If you want to cook a dish that includes garlic, you can not do without a garlic press. It is inconvenient to use a grater, and it takes a long time to cut it manually. It is much more effective to use a special garlic press. A garlic press is a necessary kitchen accessory. The garlic press is a small device for quickly mincing garlic. This functional and practical thing is indispensable in every house. Special strong construction ensures high-quality slicing of garlic cloves. Most presses can also be used to grind other products. Today many manufacturers of kitchen utensils produce garlic presses of different types. All of them are made of high-quality materials: durable plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Modern models are distinguished by unusual design and bright colors.

1. Lever press

Stainless steel garlic press

This is the most common version of the garlic press. The press works on the principle of a lever. The peeled garlic is placed in the bowl and pressed down by the plate. The cloves are squeezed, as a result of which they turn into a finely chopped mass. Inside the bowl, the skin remains, and crushed garlic comes out through the holes. A high-quality lever press must meet the following parameters: No gaps between the edges of the plate and the walls of the bowl. If the size of the plate is smaller, the garlic may come out of the bowl during squeezing. As a result, you will need to re-grind the remaining particles. Ease of use. The press handles should fit in the palm of your hand. The design should not have sharp corners and edges. It is important that the press does not injure the hand during squeezing. Efficiency. The press should cut the garlic easily and quickly.

2. Press plate

Multifunction stainless steel garlic press

As practice shows, the best garlic presses are the most simple design without any frills. An example of such a reliable device is the press plate. It is made of metal or strong plastic and is a curved plate. In the center of it there are holes. Place the peeled garlic on a cutting board or plate and press down on it with a plate. Such a device is easy to wash and it takes up very little space.

3. Safe shredders with hand protection

Safe garlic grinding grater

Garlic is characterized by a stable and not always appropriate aroma. After grinding one clove, you need to wash your hands for a long time. And the tiny size increases the risk of scuffed fingers and broken nails. Manufacturers took into account all these claims of culinary specialists and came up with small graters for garlic with hand protection. There is an additional detail here - a mini-nozzle, into which several cloves are placed. Cover the top with a lid. The user only needs to move up and down the nozzle without touching the products with his hands. If not necessary, you can not use the nozzle, holding the chocolate or a piece of cheese with your fingers.

4. Press mill

Press mill for garlic

The device in the form of a garlic head works on the principle of a mill. In the upper part, put the garlic and close the lid. Next, you need to turn the lid back and forth. From the friction of garlic on the mesh surface of the partition, it is crushed. So you can adjust the degree of grinding, from small cubes to puree.

5. Intelligent Electric Garlic Machine

Multifunction electric chopper for garlic

It consists of a container with a two-blade knife, and a lid. You just need to press the button, and the garlic will be finely chopped in seconds. This device is very fast and convenient, and, of course, can be used for chopping other things as well, not just garlic. The device comes with a charging cord.

Buyer's Guide: How to choose a garlic press?

Although garlic press isn't a complicated device, it's important to choose a good press that will do its job, will be safe and made out of quality material. Let's take a look at some important criteria that you should keep in mind when choosing a garlic press for your kitchen:

  • Convenience of the mechanism

When using a garlic press, it is important that the device is designed to be ergonomic. The device should be comfortable in your hand. It is also important how much effort the cook makes to grind the product. Many shredders cannot be used with one hand. Also, the device must be strong enough if the owner accidentally puts more effort than necessary.

  • Wear resistance

The strength of the mechanism is important not only for the strength of the case, but also for the strength of the mechanism itself, which will serve you for years.

  • Washing and cleaning

An important factor when choosing a garlic press is the ease of cleaning and washing. Most economy-level presses have to be washed the old fashioned way. Putting it under the stream of water, poke into each hole of the device with a toothpick. Dishwashers cannot cope with washing the presses. More expensive presses are often equipped with a cleaning system. So some come with a plate with plastic pins. They need to be attached to the outside of the device, squeeze out the remaining garlic inward and wash the container with water.