In the pursuit of graphics, it is very easy to forget about the sound, as you choose the perfect graphics card, RAM, processor, and monitor. As a result, important things like speakers and headphones are chosen on the leftover principle. At the same time progress does not stand still, and even headphones today have become a specialized device for gamers, allowing you to almost blindly determine where the shooting is coming from.

We have collected the top 5 best gaming headsets to help you decide on your choice.

TOP-5 Gaming Headsets to buy in 2022

Pick one of these headsets and you won’t be disappointed.

1. JBL Quantum 100

JBL Gaming headphones Quantum 100

JBL pays special attention to the build design and comfort offered by the gadgets. They tried to offer a very practical and simple design instead of using unnecessary LED indicators or unique details that give the gamer an extra feeling.

Speaking of technical points, the JBL Quantum 100 comes with 40mm diaphragms and natural surround sound. And to be honest considering the cost of the headphones they are not only effective for gaming but also work well for watching movies, music, etc. These JBL Gaming headphones are very well suited as the good quality gaming headphones we all want in this price range.


JBL quality;

Can be used for everything;

LED indicators.


Some say that the cable is short.


KOTION EACH G2000 wired stereo gaming headset

The headset immediately attracts attention with its large size and original design. The headband is made of glossy two-color plastic, and there are three color options in the model line - black and blue, white and red, and black and orange. Inside the cups are marked "left" and "right", outside there are brand logos. On the left side is fixed a microphone on a swivel mount.

An original design element is the colored LED backlight. Bright diodes inside the cups and the microphone add to the functionality of the product at night.

User comfort is ensured by the polyurethane foam padding on the headband and soft leatherette ear cushions that completely cover your ears. The size of the headband can be adjusted with sliding metal knots. Mesh inside the ear cushions prevents overheating of the ears.


LED backlight;

Cool design;

Good sound.


Not the best microphone.


ONIKUMA K20 gaming headphones with microphone

The K20 gaming headset delivers masterfully tuned sound. The sleek headband frame is reinforced with lightweight steel. The standard giant earbuds completely cover your ears, keeping out extraneous sounds. It comes with a flexible and sturdy 2.1m cable that you can plug right into your PC.


2.1m cable;

Excellent sound.


Can be too heavy for some people.


JBL LIVE 660NC Wireless audio headset

The JBL headband is wrapped in fabric material. The 660NC headphones are full-size. The ear cushions cover the wearer's ears completely, isolating them from outside noise.

Thanks to the Multipoint Live feature it connects to different devices, you can now watch a movie and answer a call without removing the 660NC. The JBL headphones will switch to the call themselves, and return the sound of the movie when finished.

JBL Live 660NC headphones sit comfortably on your head, not felt. The sound of JBL is rich, balanced, you can feel the bass. Electronic music sounds great, fans of rock, heavy music are also happy.

660NC is easily foldable, which allows you to store JBL Live in a bag or jacket pocket. Battery life is 40 hours. Fast charging in 10 minutes charges the headphones for up to 4 hours. The range is 10 meters, the signal is not interrupted if the smartphone is in the backpack.



Fast charging;

Rich sound.


The battery can die in the middle of the session.

5. Somic G941

Somic G941 noise cancelling headset

Virtual 7.1 sound with "precise positioning" (and it kind of even has it, but you have to put the drivers in first, about which a bit later). Large ear cushions and good isolation from ambient sounds (really big, this was one of the main criteria for selection). Convenient remote control. Cool backlighting that creates a strong gamer effect.

The headset has a built-in sound card - CMEDIA (USB\VID_2B0D&PID_0031&MI_00). Can work with the standard Windows drivers, but without the native drivers, not all the features will work.


7.1 sound;

Very comfortable.


Needs native drivers for the best performance.