Versed coffee drinkers prefer to buy their coffee roasted in the beans, so that they can grind them right before brewing. Espresso prepared in this way, fully retains the intensity of aroma, strength and freshness. The grains are ground to the desired fraction and cooked using a coffee machine, a jezve, a filter coffee maker, or other devices for making coffee. For real coffee lovers, we have compiled a top of the best coffee beans for espresso.

1. Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee (under $15)

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend

The coffee beans are grown in organic fields in Central and South America, so customers can be confident in the safety of the product.

This espresso is rich, because it contains Arabica beans. An invigorating drink is of medium strength, you can feel the pleasant aroma of chocolate, which is felt even when grinding the beans. This espresso has a pleasant taste and rich consistency, as well as a delicate and long aftertaste. Even with a long period of drink, it does not get boring. When making, a foam forms on the surface, so the beans can be used not only for espresso, but also the drink is perfect for cappuccino and latte bases. It is not recommended to drink coffee at night. The drink gives a powerful boost of energy, so it is ideal for breakfast.

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2. Kona Coffee by Koa Coffee (under $30)

Kona Coffee by Koa Coffee

Kona coffee is an Arabica variety that is cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Loa in the south and north of Hawaii. Kona coffee is grown in perfect conditions: it is sunny in the morning on the island, and cloudy and rainy in the evening. The climate there is mild, there is practically no wind.

The flavor profile of real Kona coffee are unique. It is a mixture of six properties. Thanks to each of them, Kona coffee is second to none. When making a drink, the first thing you will notice is the sweet aroma . After taking the first drink of Kona, you will feel a sweet and rich, juicy taste with nuts or honey. It resembles caramel, butter, cocoa, and fruit.

True lovers of an invigorating drink claim that Kona is so silky and soft, fragrant and delicious that once you taste it, you will no longer want to buy other beans.

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3. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee by Volcanica (under $20)

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee by Volcanica

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica. It was from there that coffee spread around the world. Common to all Ethiopian varieties is the complexity and richness of taste. The most famous and recognized area of coffee production in Ethiopia is Yirgacheffe – the pride of the Ethiopian coffee world.

The taste of Yirgacheffe is intertwined with sweet floral notes that have made it popular all over the world, and a lemon sourness of medium intensity. Add to this the flavor of blueberries and blackberries, and you will get an idea of this unforgettable coffee.

The coffee is of medium roast, it has an amazing balance and a great aftertaste. We recommend this coffee to anyone who wants to discover new horizons of coffee taste.

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4. There's No X In Espresso (under $20)

There's No X In Espresso

The coffee beans are grown in Brazil. All coffee beans of this brand are roasted using a special technology, which makes espresso soft in taste.

It has a medium degree of roasting, when brewed, the drink turns out to be chocolate-colored. The taste of freshly brewed coffee has a smoky flavor and a balanced note of sourness with a slight bitterness. The drink has a pronounced taste and rich aroma, and when you add milk or cream to it, it becomes light.

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5. Top Shelf Grind (under $20)

Top Shelf Grind Espresso Coffee Beans from Peru

The country of origin is the United States.

Top Shelf Grind Arabica beans are a versatile option for making espresso. Milk added to the brewed coffee only improves its taste. There is no bitterness in the brewed espresso, thanks to the medium roasting of the raw material. The color of the product is medium brown.  The coffee beans are roasted evenly and have a pleasant aromatic smell. The aroma of the coffee is light, the aftertaste is smooth and delicate. The softness of the bouquet is very popular with fans of the drink. When made, an attractive velvety foam is formed on its surface, there is a pleasant aftertaste. This espresso gives you energy, helps you concentrate, and boosts your energy.

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6. Ethical Bean Sweet Coffee (under $10)

Ethical Bean Sweet Coffee

In the production of Ethical coffee, only 100% certified and organic beans are used, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 100% Arabica is purchased in Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia. The manufacturer says it does everything possible to live up to the “ethics” of the name - ensuring fair wages to the coffee farmers.

This coffee will appeal to lovers of a soft, light taste with pleasant velvety notes. It has an original floral aroma, very persistent. After brewing, the bouquet will open stronger. The beans are roasted to a medium degree, and therefore the bitterness is not felt.

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What to consider when buying coffee beans

  1. Bean size. Coffee beans vary in size. The larger they are, the riper were the berries taken for processing. Medium-sized beans are considered the best for use in a coffee machine. The presence of chips is evidence of poor quality.
  2. Roast type. It largely determines the taste and aroma of the final product.
  3. Freshness. It may make a big difference if you buy freshly roasted beans from a small roaster.
  4. Check the beans origin. If the manufacturer doesn't give any information about where the beans are from, the quality cannot be guaranteed.