Electric lighters are popular because of their stylish appearance, safety and ease of use. You can charge such a device from a regular USB, so there are no difficulties with recharging. On average, on a single charge, such models last around 100-200 lighting up, so you should not worry that the charge is not enough even for a day. Here are the most original models, which are distinguished by high-quality assembly and good price.

1. Lafagiet Waterproof Arc Lighter, Outdoor Dual Plasma Arc Lighter (under $40)

A military-style rechargeable lighter. The body is made of high quality silicone rubber, so it can be used for camping, hiking, fishing and other activities. An O-Ring sealed cover fits snugly to the body, snaps onto a metal bracket. The design provides 100% moisture protection. It is equipped with a hand strap and clip that make it better to carry.The case cover is easily folded back. There is access to the ignition button. Touching the button causes an electrical discharge between the two pairs of contacts. A double electric arc provides reliable lighting or ignition of any material (for example, making a fire). Cons: no battery level indicator.

Lafagiet Waterproof Arc Lighter

2. Borfieon Men Windproof Electric Lighter (under $45)

There are situations when there is nothing to smoke with or the lighter goes out in bad weather. That's when the Borfieon electric USB lighter comes to the rescue. This lighter is good because it charges from USB and does not require gas refueling, which means you can't get burned from it. A huge advantage of the lighter is that it is stylish and practical to use. It is perfect as a gift. A stylish accessory for a beloved man.

Borfieon Men Windproof Electric Lighter

3. PSBYW Rechargeable Windproof Electronic Lighte Arc Lighter (under $80)

This is a must-have item lighter with a classic shape, in a metal case with a polished finish. Monophonic mirror cases of various colors (from black to gold) are offered. To ignite, open the cover and touch the button. A sustained electric arc occurs. The button works only when the cover is open, so accidental activation is excluded. On the case, under the ignition button, there are LEDs showing the battery charge level. For its complete recovery, no more than 1 hour is required.

Rechargeable Windproof Electronic Lighte Arc Lighter

4. MENG ZHI AO Store Double Arc Electric Lighter (under $20)

A functional lighter with electrical plugs powered by a built-in battery. The model is made of all-metal zinc alloy material, pleasant to the touch. The battery status can be seen on a small screen built into the body of the device. Charging goes through the USB cable. It has low voltage protection, high voltage protection and overcharge protection, a lightweight body, display for information output, versatile applications. Compact size (7.7 * 3.5 * 1.2cm ). Weight: 33.5g.

Double Arc Electric Lighter

5. SMB USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter (under $10)

A minimalistic device for those who like to carry a small number of things with them. This ultra-thin lighter (82mm, 24mm), easily fits into a pack of cigarettes. The case is equipped with a LED display and a smart fingerprint sensing. The charge lasts for at least one day, the average period of use is 2-3 days. This electric lighter is outdoor windproof, flameless, environmental protection and safe to use.

USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Buyer's guide

When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Battery capacity. In this case, it all depends on the frequency of use of the device. If the model is required for hiking or to make a barbecue in the country, you can choose an electric lighter that does not keep charging for a long time. If the device is used constantly, then a lighter with a capacious battery is required;
  • Dimensions, weight. If the device is required for permanent use, you need to choose a compact model with light weight, which is convenient to keep in your pocket and operate;
  • Functionality. You can choose not just a lighter, but a product with the option of a flashlight, keychain, etc.
  • Design. It all depends on your own taste;
  • Keep away from children.