In autumn and winter, especially when there is no heating yet, the apartment is cool. Many people are saved by heaters, wrapped in warm blankets and a few blankets. Sleeping in a cold room is unpleasant, it can lead to colds. Fortunately, technological progress does not stand still and electric blankets have recently appeared on sale. They look like regular blankets but have a heating mechanism inside. For safety, a fuse is built in to protect the user from electric shock. If you want to keep warm, check out our ranking of the best electric blankets.

McJaw Electric Heated Blanket Twin Size (under $50)

It will be warm and cozy for two people under this electric blanket of the 62"x84" size. The model is made of synthetic fiber – polyester, therefore it withstands hand or machine washing in a "delicate" mode (temperature about 30°), dries quickly and does not lose shape. The blanket has a medium thickness, the material is soft and pleasant to the touch. On sale there are two color options to choose from: red and gray. The heating element has 4 heating levels. The maximum heating temperature is 118°F. It has 10 hours automatic shut off function. The blanket heats up quickly enough, does not burn the skin and creates a feeling of comfort. Heating is not accompanied by an unpleasant chemical smell.

McJaw Electric Heated Blanket

Mr. Sandman Electric Blanket (under $60)

This cozy electric blanket is designed to keep you warm on cold winter evenings. It provides comfortable and pleasant warmth. The model is universal, can be used as a blanket at home or at a picnic. It is comfortable, soft and lightweight. The heat can be adjusted with a convenient switch. The material – microfiber is pleasant to the body. With 10 heating levels, you can choose the right temperature for you. The model is made of wear-resistant materials, so it will last more than one year. There is a thermal fuse to ensure the safety of use. To clean the blanket, washing in cold water is recommended.

Mr. Sandman Electric Blanket

CURECURE Heated Blanket (under $50)

It is distinguished by its compactness and convenience in transportation. It consists entirely of breathable materials and heats up quickly to the optimum temperature. It has 4 temperature modes, adjusted for long-term use. There is also an overheat protection system and automatic shutdown of the device after 6 hours of continuous operation, which is very important for unheated rooms. This model of a heated blanket is easily cleaned thanks to the polyester material, it can be washed in a washing machine. The owners like the product due to its small thickness and lightness, which does not interfere with a comfortable sleep.

CURECURE Heated Blanket

FUUBAMB00 USB Electric Blanket (under $90)

This product fully meets modern ideas about the ideal electric blanket. The heating element is made of carbon fiber of non-metallic origin, which well withstands mechanical stress and deformation. In addition, this material has a high thermal conductivity, is not subject to corrosion. The fleece blanket is very soft and evokes exceptionally pleasant sensations of coziness and tranquility. You can set the power at one of 3 levels, additionally there is an overheating protection, which help save energy, increase safety when using the blanket.

FUUBAMB00 USB Electric Blanket

Marquess Electric Blanket (under $70)

If you are wondering what is the best electric blanket to buy so that it is enough for two adults, then take a closer look at this model. It's big enough and the power is more than enough to maintain a high temperature. Many users like the material - soft, pleasant to the touch plush. Remote control makes use more comfortable, and auto-off makes it safe and easy. Ten power modes provide flexible settings, allowing you to feel great both on cool days and on the coldest nights. Overheating protection in combination with the remote control, judging by customer reviews, makes the electric blanket not only convenient, but truly great.

Marquess Electric Blanket

Buyer’s guide

  1. Safety. A good quality blanket should have effective protection against overheating, which can be dangerous for both the mechanism and the user (risk of burns).
  2. Power. The heating rate depends on the power. The higher it is, the faster and stronger the blanket heats up. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a product with a power of less than 60 watts.
  3. Material. As with ordinary blankets, the choice of material depends on personal preferences. Cotton and satin are more pleasant on the skin, fleece retains heat well, and polyester is easy to clean.
  4. Operating modes. The more operating modes, the more accurately you can choose the heating temperature. The minimum number is 2 modes (warm and hot). Some products have up to 10 heating levels.
  5. Auto-off. A function that turns off the operation of the blanket after a certain period of time, most often after 3 hours.