Dumbbells are versatile inexpensive sports equipment. Nowadays it is used not only in professional sports, but also in home activities. If you choose the right dumbbells, they will help you work out all the muscle groups and keep yourself in good shape without going to the gym. Here is our top list of the best dumbbells for women to work out at home.

1. Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Hand Weight Dumbbell Pair (under $20)

Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Hand Weight Dumbbells

Simple dumbbells with a rubberized surface designed for fitness, therapeutic gymnastics and other exercises where there is no need for a lot of weight. The solid construction fits comfortably in the hand, and the hexagonal shape does not allow the dumbbell to roll on the floor. The rubberized surface prevents slipping during training, eliminates the appearance of calluses on the hands. In addition, the dumbbells are protected from corrosion and chipping of the material after being hit or dropped to the floor.

Cons: The rubber coating is sticky a bit.

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2. RBX Neoprene Hand Weights with Non-Slip Grip (under $20)

RBX Neoprene Small Dumbbells with Non-Slip Grip

Solid dumbbells weighing 2 lbs have an ergonomic shape and are made of steel. The model is suitable for aerobic exercise, physical therapy and a number of exercises for working out specific muscle groups. Athletes can practice punches by using dumbbells as weights. Compact size allows to store them in any convenient place. The shape prevents them from rolling on the floor. For the convenience of doing exercises, the dumbbells are covered with neoprene, which provides a reliable grip of the hand with the bar. It also protects the metal from corrosion and damage as a result of a fall.

Cons: There is a chemical smell for the first time after the purchase.

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3. DNC Dumbbells (under $40)

DNC Dumbbells Set for Body Fitness Home

Solid dumbbells with a convenient cast-iron core and rubberized surface. This is sufficient for strength training for amateurs and for some exercises by experienced athletes. Especially for beginner athletes, there are lighter versions of this dumbbell on sale. The ergonomic dumbbell fits comfortably in the hand, and special notches prevent the equipment from sliding and exclude the possibility of injury. The rubber-coated hexagonal shape protects the model from damage and rolling on the floor. In addition, it makes it possible to use a pair of dumbbells as stops for press-ups.

Cons: Boring coloring.

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4. Portzon Set of 2 Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights (under $10-$30)

Portzon Anti-Slip Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

Thanks to the neoprene coating, it absorbs some of the moisture that forms on the palms. This reduces the risk of slipping, and training becomes much more comfortable and professional. The dumbbell does not roll on surfaces and does not scratch them, does not make noise if accidentally dropped. It is suitable for sports physical education and experienced athletes during warm-up.

Cons: Can collect dust.

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5. BOGACTIV Adjustable Dumbbells (under $20-$40)

KOOLSEN 5 in 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Weights Pair with Anti-Slip Handle

A modern model of dumbbells for women that can replace multiple sets. The weight of the dumbbells can be adjusted by changing the load using the special weight blocks inside the dumbbell. The anti-slip curve shaped handlebar will not allow the dumbbells to fall out of your hands.

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Buyer’s guide

Materials. Steel dumbbells are considered the most durable, and the neoprene coating minimizes slipping, makes dumbbells almost silent in case of a careless fall, absorbs excess moisture during training.

Shape. As a rule, if there is a stand for dumbbells, they can be of any shape. If there is no stand, we recommend taking dumbbells of hex shape. They will not roll on the floor and will not damage the coating.

Weight. Experienced athletes choose heavier dumbbells, and if you are a beginner, choose a 1 kg dumbbell.

The dumbbell should be solid, rubberized, colored (the latter is for raising the mood).