You have decided to buy the first graphics tablet in your life. How do I choose such a device? What characteristics should it have, what requirements should it meet in order to become a truly loyal companion and assistant to a novice designer? We are ready to answer these questions.

What is a graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet is a device that, when you draw on it, converts the drawing on the display to a digital image. A graphic tablet is distinguished from a regular tablet or smartphone by high accuracy of input, and the process itself is simplified, since this drawing does not use a mouse or touchpad, but a special stylus.

A graphic tablet is still almost a necessary gadget for an artist who sells his pictures over the Internet or draws to order, because on the tablet you can draw something very quickly, in high quality, and there is no need to digitize something.

TOP-5 drawing tablets to buy right now

These tablets are a great choice for beginners.

HUION H430P (under $70)

HUION H430P digital drawing tablet

From the point of view of external design, the Huion H430P graphic tablet looks like the other models with the exception that the Express Key buttons are part of the work surface. It is made in a black and gray plastic case, so its weight is small – only 135 grams.

The Express Key key block is located above the workspace and consists of four keys (two on the right and left), and the borders of the buttons are tactile due to the "rectangles". For the convenience of "for beginners" , you can note the presence of a grid of points at the working surface, which makes it easier to draw.



Express Keys;

Low weight.


Limited functionality.

Huion H420 (under $30)

Affordable Huion H420 drawing tablet

The Huion H420 is a Chinese-made graphics tablet, a typical representative of the budget price segment. Suitable for novice users.

To the left of the workspace are three "hot" buttons. In the upper left corner, there is an LED that turns on when the stylus contacts the screen. On the left side there is a mini-USB connector.

The pen supplied in the kit is similar in shape to an automatic ballpoint pen and is quite ergonomic.

On the case in the lower third of the side, there are 2 programmable buttons, on top of the on/off button. The battery for the stylus is an AAA battery.


Low price;

Comfortable stylus.


Stylus needs an AAA battery.

Xiaomi Mijia (under $30)

Xiaomi Mijia LCD writing tablet with pen

The screen reacts to the force of the tap. The lines can be made in different thicknesses. Draws perfectly accurate, the screen resolution is high.

Writing is a pleasure, just like on paper with a high-quality ballpoint pen or even a gel pen (soft stroke). Hands, as I said, you can put on the screen, but for example, to draw a straight line with a ruler will not work — from the ruler, there are stripes and dots. The screen does not emit blue light at all. The contrast is high, you can see everything perfectly.

The stylus is also very comfortable in your hand, but I would like it to be a little heavier. Although it's all right as it is.

The shape is like a regular pencil. No batteries are required.

One of the disadvantages is that you can't erase part of the screen. It would be better to make it a little more expensive, but with Bluetooth and synchronization with a smartphone.


Stylus needs no batteries;

High screen resolution.


The stylus can be heavy for some people.

GAOMON M10K (under $130)

GAOMON M10K graphic tablet with battery-free stylus

The tablet itself is black, the front and back edges have a rounded shape, on the left side there are 10 hotkeys, as well as a touch ring with an additional button in the middle. The function of each button is programmed in the driver settings. The touch ring is used to change the value of a function. For example, we select the Zoom function by swiping the touch ring clockwise to zoom in, and counterclockwise to zoom out.

On the right side of the graphics tablet is a fabric label. It can be used to store a digital pen if you don't really like the idea of hanging it on a nail or around your neck.


Rubber feet;

10 hotkeys;

Great functionality.


Buttons placement takes time to get used to.

10moons G10 (under $80)

10moons G10 drawing tablet

The T503 digital pen is housed in a special felt case. It has spare tips inside it. There are 20 of them. The pen is light, weighs only 9.5 g. It is passive, i.e. it does not require charging the battery or the presence of a battery. It uses electromagnetic resonance technology. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The response rate is 233 points per second and the reading height is 15 millimeters. The pen is convenient to use. I like it even more than the 10moons 1060 Plus graphics tablet.


The low weight of the pen;

20 spare tips.


Price is higher than other models.

How to choose a drawing tablet

When choosing a tablet, a beginner, of course, just needs to take into account this factor-the size of the screen. For graphics tablets, this parameter is measured in the same way as for monitors: diagonally and in inches. However, oddly enough, in the case of this type of gadget, a large screen does not guarantee the quality of the drawing at all, because nothing can guarantee it at all, except your skill and talent. For a beginner, a size of 4" by 5" or 6" by 8" will be quite enough. At the same time, many even experienced artists prefer small graphic tablets, when using which you practically do not need to move your hands.

When buying a graphics tablet, you also need to consider such criteria as the display form factor. They can range from almost square (4:3, 16:10) to wide-format (16:9). In fact, when drawing, this characteristic is not particularly important, but when connecting the tablet to the monitor — very, very. If the form factors of the paired devices do not match, it is likely that the display will be significantly distorted, and this is a shame, you will agree.