Dogs are hunters by nature. And if they do not have toys, then the role of “prey” will go to your shoes and other favorite things. Toys for dogs are an important thing for full mental and physical development. With their help, they learn to hunt and to protect their own territory. Interesting fun will not let your pet get bored alone. In practice, toys have a lot of useful functions, on which the quality of life of a pet depends. Our review of new products will help you choose a truly interesting and high-quality indestructible toy for your pet.

1. Feeko Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers (under $20)

Feeko Natural Rubber Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed

The simulator for the jaws of large breeds of dogs can be used for training, swimming and pulling to maximize grip training. The bone made of natural rubber is quite thick and soft, so it does not give the animal uncomfortable sensations. The projectile is light: even with prolonged training, neither the dog nor its owner gets tired. It withstands the impact of the strongest jaws and blows, retains its marketable appearance for a long time.

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2. Tough Dog Toys (under $15)

Kseroo Nylon Indestructible Aggressive Chew Toys for Large Dogs

The best toys for brushing the teeth. Such products ensure the hygiene of the dog’s mouth and at the same time serve as a toy for it. The toy is made of non-toxic materials, but it should not be left for the animal to eat. It is soft, does not injure the mouth and cleans the teeth well, while it is resistant to strong bites. This is an ideal toy for a pet who likes to gnaw everything that gets in his way. At the same time, it is safe, easy to clean and does not lose its appearance for a long time.

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3. Ultra-Durable Chew Toys (under $20)

Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Tough Natural Rubber Chew Toy

A unique training equipment that can give all the muscles of the pet the most necessary loads. It’s an extra durable chewing toy made of natural rubber. During the game, the pet’s teeth pass through the rim without disturbing its shape and properties. The uniqueness of the training equipment is that it is able to give the necessary load for 15-20 minutes, equivalent to 5.5 km of running. With regular games, the dog’s behavior will change for the better, he will become more obedient. The toy does not sink, and the dirt is washed off with water.

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4. Nylabone Power Chew Flavored Textured Dog Chew Bone (under $15)

Nylabone Flavored Textured Dog Chew Bone for Aggressive Chewers

A nylon crunchy bone with massage spikes effectively cleans the dog’s teeth, strengthens its gums and serves as an entertaining toy. It can be thrown as an aport or encourage good behavior of the pet. It is elastic and durable, so it is suitable even for strong adult dogs. However, it should be borne in mind that the grooves at the base of the spikes collect all the dirt that needs to be washed out immediately after a walk.

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5. EASTBLUE Dog Chew Toys (under $10)

EASTBLUE Indestructible Ultra-Tough Natural Rubber Dog Chew Toys for Large and Medium Breed

Specially designed for large and medium breeds. Training with this toy develops the pet’s perseverance and endurance, eliminates the problem of disobedience. The material is natural rubber of blue color, durable, non-toxic, safe for the teeth and gums of the animal. The reinforced formula contributes to a long service life. A nice design, the diameter of which is 5.2 in, is suitable for the aport team. It is difficult to lose it, since the bright color is clearly visible to both the owner and his dog.

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Buyer’s guide

1. Age and breed of the god

Be sure to compare the age of the dog, the breed, the condition of the gums and teeth with the design of a toy and its characteristics. For example, a latex ring made of solid material is suitable for an adult German shepherd dog, a cotton rope will be enough for an elderly dog, and if there are no teeth yet or they are already weak, it is worth considering soft toys made of textiles.

2. Material

The toys are made of different materials – latex, rubber, nylon, vinyl, textiles, etc. It is important to select according to the indicators of strength, environmental friendliness, naturalness of the selected raw materials. Rubber toys for dogs received the most enthusiastic reviews.

3. Safety

Safety is paramount in the selection of such products. Assess the risks of injury, harm to health. If you do not want to harm the dog during fun and training, check the durability, environmental friendliness, absence of toxic paints, low-quality rubber with a pungent smell, loose threads, etc.

4. Chewing toys should be chosen especially carefully, since particles of the material will inevitably get into the dog’s body. The toy that the pet has already disheveled must be taken and thrown away, if we are not talking about edible toys. Do not give your dog children’s toys – they are not intended for this (the animal can simply eat them).