Deodorant is one of the most controversial products in the men's cosmetics industry. On the one hand, store shelves are bursting with a variety of packages. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find something that suits you, and often customers make a choice based solely on the fragrance they like and then do not change it for years.

The main function of the deodorant is not to fight the amount of sweat, but to protect against bacteria. But it's not all that simple, because, in addition to regular deodorants, there are antiperspirants and many others. Let's take a look at the best deodorants of different types.

The best deodorant with long effect

Fa Perfect Wave Men Deodorant Spray 150ml (under $10)

Fa Perfect Wave Men Deodorant Spray

Fa Men opens our rating list with the most popular deodorant spray. How is it good? Firstly, it is inexpensive. Secondly, there are no strong perfume additives (suitable for people with a sensitive sense of smell). Although some people complain in reviews that it would be better to perfume - the product does not always cope with an unpleasant odor. Third, deodorant does not contain aluminum salts, even the alcohol in the last place in the composition; you can not worry about health.

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The Best Deodorant Roll

Nivea for Men Invisible for Black & White (under $20)

Nivea for Men Invisible for Black & White Deodorant roll-on

The best deodorant roll-on from Nivea for Men, Invisible for Black & White, offers the ultimate in deodorant application. The product absorbs and blocks pores while you quietly get ready for work, jogging, business trip, date. That way, no white stains remain after application. Alas, the product contains aluminum salts, so we would not recommend using it at all. But it is good to have on hand just in case! Avocado oil is gentle; there's no alcohol, so sensitive skin will feel good.

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The best deodorant-antiperspirant roll-on

Garnier Men Mineral (under $10)

Garnier Men Mineral Deodorant-antiperspirant roll-on

Garnier warns at once - this deodorant-antiperspirant mineral. So connoisseurs of organic natural formulations can immediately look for something else. It has not only aluminum salts, but also perlite; it is a mineral of volcanic origin. In contact with the skin begins an antiseptic reaction, destroying the bacteria - the source of the unpleasant odor. It lasts for 48 hours, but for healthy skin, we recommend that you wash it off before going to bed.

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The best deodorant for working out

Axe Apollo (under $20)

Axe Apollo Body Spray Deodorant

Axe brand appeared on the cosmetics market relatively recently (in the '80s, a little compared to the giants of the industry). Its "trick" is a combination of toilet water and deodorant; each product has a very persistent, intense scent (which will always have supporters and detractors). This product has a scent of mandarin, sandalwood, and sage - will disguise even a long workout, will appeal to many girls. Aluminum salts are not noticed in the composition, so you can not worry about the health of the skin.

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The best gel deodorant

Gillette Endurance Clear Gel Deodorant (under $30)

Gillette Endurance Clear Gel Deodorant

Gillette is known for its skincare products, not without deodorants. The company offers the product in the form of a stick: one or two turns of the wheel at the bottom and a gel-like texture appears on the surface. This consumption is economical; the deodorant lasts for 3-4 months of use. Plus, it is also an antiperspirant - applied well before going out, dries, and eliminates odor for 48 hours!

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The best 0% alcohol deodorant spray

Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort Spray (under $30)

Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort deodorant spray

Despite the presence of sunflower oil in the deodorant Dove Man & Care, deodorant does not leave marks - tested and described in many reviews! It's all about percentages: the essential oil is added as a caring component, in a minimal dose. The rest is taken up by water, aluminum salts, coumarin, acids. All this is necessary for a tough odor blockade - and at the same time gentle to the skin. Alcohol is not seen in the composition, so you do not have to worry about sensitive skin.

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The best natural deodorant

Weleda Men's 24 Hour Roll-On Deodorant (under $10)

Weleda Men's 24 Hour Roll-On Deodorant

Weleda brand positions itself as a natural - in the deodorant-roller without organic components. A real gift for connoisseurs of all-natural! It contains herbal extracts (licorice, witch hazel, acacia), acids (citric and phytic), xanthan gum, coumarin, and preservatives (as close to natural as possible). Thanks to the latter, by the way, the product does not spoil - it does not have to be kept in the refrigerator like other organics. No aluminum salts, alcohol, and parabens, so deodorant is optimal for allergic people and people with sensitive skin.

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The best deodorant for sensitive skin

Vichy 24-Hour Dry-Touch Deodorant (under $20)

Vichy 24-Hour Dry-Touch Deodorant for sensitive skin

Vichy is known for its gentle treatment of the skin; women and men alike often choose French cosmetics for their hypoallergenic properties. This deodorant, of course. contains aluminum salts, zinc sulfate, and dimethicone - but that's what an antiperspirant is, to block the pores. Otherwise, all more or less safe: no alcohol, fragrances, irritating smell, and skin chemical additives. Buyers praise the pleasant, "truly masculine" smell, although they warn about the appearance of white stains on clothing - be sure to wait until it dries!

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How to Choose Men's Sweat Deodorant

Men sweat more, it's a fact. Therefore, the absorbent and disinfectants in the composition more. But not everyone reads the composition. We will simplify the choice. What to give preference, so that there were no wet armpits on a T-shirt, and the smell "did not knock down"? We tell you:

  • When sweating profusely, the powder will help - the texture of talcum powder blocks the accumulation of microorganisms, but does not harm the pores themselves. Although it's better for the health of your skin to "breathe" - so at night deodorant should be washed off.
  • Less aluminum - despite the fact that the harm of salts is not proven, many doctors do not advise clogging pores and leaving harmful substances inside the epidermis. How do you know if deodorant is safe? Look for aluminum compounds at the end of the formulation.
  • With sensitive skin minimum alcohol - ethanol and derivatives are very drying. The sweat glands are disturbed and irritation occurs. Choose mild creamy textures.
  • Don't be shy about fragrances-the citrus scent is universal. Women like it, and men are not perplexed by it. Since guys "do not bother" with the choice of several products (one for sports, another for dates, as is often customary for us girls) - this scent is most suitable for going out on all occasions. The main thing is not to overdo it! A man doused from head to toe with "Axe-effect" causes irritation, and a strong perfume even makes you cough.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes - tight T-shirts with pumped-up arms are great! But few people look at the composition of the fabric, and there it turns out to be polyester - as a result the skin "does not breathe", profuse sweat is ensured. How to prevent it? Choose a more relaxed fit. And if you still want to impress with muscles, putting on things "flouncy", use antiperspirants. They block odors for 24-48 hours.