Every kind of sport implies obtaining special equipment, and if you have decided to try yourself in cycling, then an obligatory attribute for this activity is cycling glasses. Throughout your route, you may encounter various areas of the terrain where the presence of glasses is simply necessary in order not to harm your vision or escape some dangerous situations. So, you should understand which glasses are the best option for you.

We are ready to share with you our top-5 list of the best cycling glasses that are relevant nowadays. Their brief description will help you to understand all the protection aspects and the glasses key features.

5 Best Cycling Glasses of 2022

1. ROCKBROS photochromic cycling glasses ($14.48 - 22.80)

ROCKBROS photochromic cycling glasses

Let’s start with a classic photochromic model from ROCKBROS. These cycling glasses are appropriate for any cycling type whether it is a mountain or a plain terrain. The model has almost no weight, only 30g, and provides clear viewing of the route. The width and height of the lens are 14,3 and 5 cm, respectively, and they are made of total polycarbonate materials. The sunglasses guarantee 100% UV protection.  They can automatically adjust the light transmittance to help you adapt to the terrain ambient light and avoid accidents. The accessory also obtains a stable nose bridge construction and a case option.

2. Scicon Polarized Cycling Glasses ($15.00 - 19.00)

Scicon Polarized Cycling Glasses

Our next variant of cycling sunglasses implies the color election point. Here you can choose from 7 color combinations and find your perfect one. Moreover, the Scicon model obtains only 37 g of weight, so this pair won’t ever disturb you during the route. The lenses are also made of polycarbonate and fully protect your vision from ultraviolet rays. The width and height are a little bit bigger in comparison to the first sunglasses:  14 and 5,5 cm correspondingly.  The owner can adjust the nose bridge up and down in case to increase the visual field by 10%. All the construction allows you to set different parts of the glasses according to your face parameters as well.

3. RELAX bicycle glasses ($2.12 - 4.68)

RELAX bicycle glasses

This particular model is most appropriate for mountain bike races. Its polycarbonate lens protection was created according to the mountain road needs but the option can be also used on the plain area. The width and height are 15,3 and 5,3 cm respectively and the weight is 37,5 g. You have an opportunity to choose from 4 basic colors: red, yellow, black and blue. The frames of the glasses are available in white and black variants. The last amenity to mention is its case that is included in the sunglasses price.

4. Sports cool sunglasses for mountain biking ($3.11)

Sports sunglasses for mountain biking

These glasses are a real godsend for a person who loves both cycling and downhill skiing because they purchase all the criteria for the two sport’s kinds. This option is also suitable for both men and women as it has different colors of frames and lenses. The width and height are 14,2 and 5,2 cm. The bridge nose part is made from soft rubber materials that let the glasses keep firm on your face. The model is also appropriate for children and has special wholes so the lenses do not fog up. A good present to a true cycling lover!

5. Sunglasses for Outdoor sports and cycling ($4.50 - 4.80)

Sunglasses for Outdoor sports and cycling

The latest nominee to become your future acquisition is this stylish model.  The sunglasses are extremely suitable for both men and women and can be used not only for cycling but for ski, mountain climbing, and tourism as well. The ratings are as follows:  weight – 25g, width – 14cm, height – 3,5 cm. The model also obtains explosion-proof polycarbonate lenses. The color palette implies yellow, red, black, dark blue, and transparent variants and all of them protect your vision and reduce visual fatigue. Can be an ideal accessory for any holiday or travel.

To conclude, we believe this small piece of information about the best cycling glasses of this year helped you to find out which variant is the most appropriate for you. The only thing that you should do before buying is to check the size options and the lens protection ability. So we wish you good luck and enjoy your time wearing one of these wonderful glasses!