Ordinary furniture is not suitable for long sitting at the computer. It is estimated that some people spend about 13 hours a day on a computer. To spend time comfortably, it is important to buy a special computer chair which should be highly ergonomic. It should have an optimal level of comfort and the ability to adapt to the shape of the human body. It depends on this how often and for how long you will sit at the computer.

1.  BestOffice Computer Chair (under $50)

This computer chair will be suitable not only for computer gamers, but also for people who spend 8 hours a day or more at the computer. Assembly is quite simple, the model does not take up too much space, so it is perfect for small offices or for home use. The back is made of breathable mesh, the seat is high-density sponge cushion, and the armrests are made of plastic. Even after a couple of years of use, this solid computer chair will still look just as attractive. The construction mechanism is very simple and reliable, in between work you can completely relax and lean back. Height adjustment is very convenient, the lever is on the right side. The chair is designed for a maximum weight of about 250 lbs. It is also worth noting the reasonable price - the product is almost two times cheaper than its analogues.

BestOffice Computer Chair

2. SMUG Computer Chair (under $80)

This model has a rather interesting appearance and a long service life. The seat is soft, has high anatomical parameters. It’s covered with a durable breathable mesh fabric that does not wear out and does not lose its attractive appearance during sitting. The back has an interesting shape, has no filler, is covered with mesh materials that perfectly pass air. If necessary, the chair can be adjusted to your size and height. Under the seat there is a fairly long lever that activates the lifting mechanism. It is quite reliable, will not sag under the weight of a person, so you will not have to adjust the height from time to time.

SMUG Computer Chair

3. HOMEFLA Computer Chair (under $180)

Another fairly economical model, which is equipped with a high soft back. The product is delivered unassembled, the assembly is simple – even an inexperienced person will assemble the chair in about 30 minutes. The chair is made of reliable materials that withstand loads well and do not wear out. The armrests are made of high rigidity plastic, the back and seat upholstery is made of mesh, the threads do not stick out, it does not absorb dirt, and retains its original appearance for a long time.

HOMEFLA Computer Chair

4. Office Star Computer Chair (under $230)

This faux leather computer chair can be seen mainly in the offices of the management, and not in ordinary workers. It looks very presentable. The self adjusting mechanism with the style contoured back are safe and stable. Also noteworthy are the elegant armrests, with soft pads, which, with proper care, should retain their perfect appearance even after five to six years. The dual wheel carpet casters do not leave traces on the floor. This computer chair will be comfortable for people of any size.

Office Star FL Series Faux Leather Manager's Adjustable Office Chair

5. Goplus Computer Chair (under $160)

One of the most original looking office chairs. But design is far from its main advantage. First of all, attention should be paid to the ergonomic shape, which relieves the load from the spine during sitting, height-adjustable armrests. The chair can bear a load of up to 330 lbs, which makes it ideal for stout people. The design uses a classic 3600 rotation mechanism and seat height adjustment. A premium iron frame and a rather high price of the model give hope for durability and long service life.

Goplus Chair

Buyer's guide

- If possible, before buying it is better to sit in a chair in the store.

- Each computer chair must be labeled with the maximum weight it can bear.

- A chair with a metal base is more reliable than a chair with a plastic one.

- Swivel wheels can be plastic and rubberized. They are designed for different types of coatings.

- Genuine leather upholstery is durable but hot in summer. Textile is cheaper than leather and easy to care for. Mesh fabric is the most comfortable: it takes the shape of the back.