We all have different hobbies. And, of course, many of us prefer to buy the best products to make our favorite deals more special. One of the most popular hobbies is drawing. This type of activity broadens our minds and helps us to express all that we feel through the paper. To make it clearer and more attractive to others you should have the best instruments. That is why we are going to talk about ideal colored pencils that will suit both adults and kids. What is more, some of the offers can serve you not only as pencils! Interested? Well, let’s have a look at them!

Top-5 colored pencils for beginners

1.       Colorful Gel Ink Pencils ($1.26)

Colored pencils for drawing

These colored pencils are the classic variant for any type of drawing. The creators provide you with 12 color options that include all the basic shades. A very important detail is that the crayons are made with gel ink that makes them look brighter on paper. The pencil itself is made of wood and highlights the eco-friendliness. The size of the pencil and pen holder is 8.8*0.8 cm and 10.5*3.6cm respectively. The product is delivered in a special bubble bag that keeps them fixed during transportation.

2.       Creative Korean Soft Pencils ($1.44)

Magic flexible soft pencil

This particular model is the best option for kids. First of all, these pencils have very colorful covers that make them pleasant to use. Secondly, the soft structure made of plastic allows children to play with the pencil and make different figures of it. Thus, a kid can relax and get more positive emotions from the studying process. Thirdly, the pencil provides a small rubber in order to correct the mistake or make the painting more accurate. And the last thing to mention is that they are also delivered in a special OPP bag.

3.       Rainbow Pencils ($0.19-2.22)

Rainbow four-colored pencils

Our next suggestion is a rainbow pencil. It has a four-colored lead that creates an effect of the rainbow. The picture made with such crayons can be of different saturations that depend on the angle of the pencil’s inclination. The pencils are made of wood materials and have a patterned design that makes them look pretty. This option can be used by amateurs and professionals. It is also appropriate for creating logos and titles as it immediately catches everybody’s attention.

4.       Watercolor Pencils for Drawing ($5.18 - 13.16)

Colored watercolor pencils for drawing

This pencil set was produced to create real works of art! The shade palette is wide enough and provides all the colors you need for a perfect painting. These pencils are watercolor so the image will look more realistic and with soft lines. It is recommended to use professional paper to draw with such crayons. The option is made of wood and has the following parameters: 17.5 cm in length and 0.8cm in diameter. It also obtains a comfortable grip that makes the pencil perfect for any art lover. The pencils are supplied with a paper box.

5.       Soft Oil Color Pencils ($7.10 - 49.01)

Brutfuner soft oil colored pencils

Well, here we are with the best color pencil option for today. The first thing that is important to mentions is that this particular set consists of 160 colors that include all possible shades. The offer is most appropriate for professional artists as they let the author create complete art. The strong side of the oil pencils is that they produce a very colorful painting and are suitable for any paper kind. Thus, it is an ideal variant for filling the whitespaces and coloring. During delivery, pencils are protected with 5 layers of foam.

So now you are aware of the colored pencil offers that are extremely popular nowadays. If you are a real fan of art and drawing in particular, just don’t hesitate and purchase one of the presented models. Moreover, these colored pencil sets can become a great present for a person who is fond of art and painting. It is an appropriate gift for any occasion. So, enjoy your shopping!