Christmas for many people is a fairy tale, presents, and one of their favorite holidays. There comes a night when you can make a wish, and it is sure to come true. But the house on Christmas will not be decorated by magic - you will have to do the job yourself.

Many people start preparing in advance. Once you learn the basic types of holiday decorations, it's easier to choose a decor that suits your personal preferences and creates a cozy atmosphere. Today, we will give some ideas for indoor décor.

Christmas tree (under $100)

The main symbol of this holiday is a Christmas tree, decorated with toys and long-awaited gifts. The Christmas tree can be natural or artificial. If you choose the first option, it is worth buying a spruce or pine in proven bazaars, where they offer trees from nurseries (not illegally cut down in the forest). After the holiday the plant can be recycled.

Those who prefer artificial versions should consider molded products made of polymer - they last longer and look more natural. Christmas trees made of PVC are cheaper, but their quality in the store is important to check particularly carefully: ribbons, imitating the needles, must be held firmly and have resistance against fire.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorations (under $40)

The next step is Christmas tree toys: balls, figures, and stars-tips are used for decoration. More practical and safe - plastic options, and environmentally friendly - products made of wood. If you want to buy something new and atmospheric in honor of this holiday, you can choose glass toys. They cost more but create a special atmosphere.

Christmas Balls Ornaments Set

Electric lights (under $15)

Static and flickering, colored and monochrome, classic lights or shaped lamps - the model depends only on your taste. But there are a few important points about decorating for the street. It's worth choosing models with a level of protection of at least IP44, thick wire (from 3 mm in diameter), and a length of 10 meters.

Electric lights

Spruce wreaths and bunches (under $50)

Suitable for decorating windows, walls, doors, and Christmas tables if you place the composition in the center. For fans of minimalism round wreaths and bouquets with a small amount of snow imitation. If you need a bright accent, compositions with bows, snowflakes, small toys, and poinsettia flowers will do.

Christmas Wreath

Candles (under $30)

Safe and natural materials for candles are bee and vegetable wax, and a cotton wick. The advantage of paraffin is only one - low price. As for the form, you can choose the classic (long thin candles in a candlestick or glass), stable volumetric and shaped candles, or items sold directly in a glass container.

Aromatic candles with the scent of pine, tangerine, or cinnamon will be an atmospheric decoration. They fill the house with a festive aroma and look beautiful in the interior.

Christmas Candles

How to choose Christmas decorations?

Picking up a couple of toys or one wreath is not enough if you want the whole house to look festive on Christmas. Try decorating several rooms or the entire apartment in a style that you like. The main thing is that it blends in with the interior.

Here are tips for choosing decorations:

  • If the room is in a classic style, it is worth giving preference to a few Christmas lights and candles.
  • If there is a lot of wood trim, it is recommended to arrange in the bedroom or living room themed toys made of beige fabric or natural wood.
  • To decorate the ceiling, snowflakes are often used, which are attached to ribbons and hung around the perimeter. They can be replaced by a projector, simulating a snowfall - such an object is appropriate in a house of any style.
  • Complement the atmosphere of the room in restrained light shades of rich green wreaths, or Christmas posters.
  • In a house with paintings, massive chandeliers and lots of furniture will be appropriate. Also, shades, ribbons, and beads emphasize the interior lines, long tall candles.
  • If your passion is minimalism, monochrome Christmas tree decorations, monochrome lights, and compositions with neat decoration, such as imitation frost, will do.

It is important not to overdo it. If you decide to decorate the house with your own hands, do not be carried away by bright colors, snowflakes, and rain - their excess does not look stylish. You can stick to the rule of three colors: 70% - the main shade, 20% - complementing it, and 10% - the accent, usually it's the brightest.