Everyone's favorite "cat eyes" have become an everyday part of almost every girl's makeup. Perhaps there is no one who has never drawn these flirty arrows! And how many kinds you can draw! Girls love to joke that drawing the same lines is something beyond fantasy. But we believe that everything can be learned, and most importantly, the tool is very important. After all, no matter how exactly you draw a line, if you have some kind of bad pencil or eyeliner in your hands, nothing good will come of it.

Therefore, we offer these top 5 eyeliners and hope that you can compare these products to your advantage and find what works for you!

Best 5 affordable eyeliners of 2022

1. FOCALLURE (under $10)

FOCALLURE eyeliner

A brand with a stylish name creates the same products. The eyeliner has a thin brush, which, in turn, can deftly change the thickness of the line, creating various options for eye makeup. Also, it is pleasantly surprising that despite the water resistance, this product can be removed very quickly and cleanly with a make-up remover. This indicates the correct composition and consistency of the liner. The rich and deep black color, which has been the classic of the last centuries, is very captivating.


  • Classic black pigment, no lumps, lays down smoothly and evenly
  • Waterproof, but at the same time can be easily removed
  • Flexible brush that allows you to draw different kinds of lines


  • it is better to carefully put on the cap, as you can crush the brush
  • after a long time can dry out
  • sometimes the color may seem gray

2. Qibest (under $10)

Qibest eyeliner

How about a mood liner? Would you like pink today and green tomorrow? This brand has almost all the colors to express your personality and beauty. It is difficult to find a customer dissatisfied with this purchase. In addition to bright and saturated colors, you can also find their shades. The eyeliner is very long-lasting, you don't have to be afraid that it will smear all over the eye during the day. The applying takes place clearly, without "gaps". It is very harmonious to hold it in your hand, many beginners in drawing lines noted its convenience and ease. Can't draw lines at all? The eyeliner has a special stamp for this on the other end, which will facilitate the task.


  • Variety of colors and shades, high-quality pigment
  • Lightweight and easy to use, ideal for beginners
  • No sweat and other liquids will disturb the makeup during the day
  • Special stamp for easy drawing


  • The advantage of colored eyeliners, but also their downside, is that sometimes a shade does not come what you expected. The color can be lighter or darker than it should be.
  • For those ladies who have a very shiny face, it is better to apply concealer or shadows under the eyeliner, since a slight deformation of the makeup is still possible.
  • Stamp can be uncomfortable and not much useful for some people

3. BANXEER (under $6)

BANXEER eyeliner

Many businesswomen, and not only them, prefer a strict classic style. This brand offers two of the most common colors - black and brown. All-day "look" freshness guaranteed. The design is minimalistic and just as strict, the use is thought out to the smallest detail. The brushes are very high quality and designed to prevent fluffing over time. They also directly push to creativity, because with their help you can easily draw lines of absolutely all kinds, if not whole masterpieces.


  • Classy, minimalistic, suitable for every occasion
  • A fresh look for 24 hours


  • Can be too liquid despite its persistence. You need to be extremely careful when applying it.
  • There may be unexpected spaces during applying

4. Miss Rose (under $5)

Miss Rose Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Lipstick-shaped eyeliner? Why not! After all, this is very unusual and convenient in its own way, many people will like this. It also looks a bit gothic or something. Suitable for extravagant girls and lovers to stand out from the crowd. Although if you are not such one, the brand has regular liners of the same excellent quality. The eyeliners do not bother the eyes when worn and are hypoallergenic. In their structure, they are also like lipstick, soft and pleasant to apply, like silk. No extra smell is noted. At first, when applied, it may appear lighter than it should, but then it turns deep black.


  • Unusual, cool design
  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable
  • The structure is soft, like a lipstick


  • The design is still specific and the eyeliner may simply not be convenient for some people
  • Not waterproof
  • Way "float" a little when applied to oily skin

5. DNM Eyeliner (under $5)

DNM shiny eyeliner

Party lovers and just princesses should pay attention to this product. We believe that there should be several liners for all occasions. This eyeliner consists of sparkles, which lie in an even, dense layer and can completely replace the classic line. There are also many colors to choose. The sparkles are bright and rich and do not at all give the impression that they are out of place. The brush is ultra-thin, which allows you to draw graceful lines of any length and thickness. That and in general, the eyeliner itself is beautiful and neat in appearance. 3D effect and "starry" eyes - this is all it can provide.


  • For a bright and catchy make-up, or improvement of the usual one
  • 3D effect
  • Makes the look shine
  • The right thing for any girl


  • It may be like glitter glue, some people can find it a little unpleasant
  • There may be gaps with a small amount of glitter, in which case another layer is needed

Tips for buying an eyeliner

Not sure which eyeliner to choose and how? Look for certain qualities you want, such as water resistance or color. Read reviews, but at the same time build on your feelings. Of course, the price should suit you, as well as the conditions and delivery time.