It is very dangerous and irresponsible to let a cat walk outside without its owner. Being curious and freedom-loving by nature, the cat loves to explore new terrain. This carnivorous, but undeniably fragile animal is very easy to frighten, and the first its instinct will be to run away and climb higher. And a collar for a cat will not work, it will easily turn out and run away.

Therefore, harnesses for cats have become a real salvation for responsible owners. A cat harness is a special equipment for safe walks, an original accessory, and sometimes even a stylish clothes for a pet. With its help, you can visit a veterinarian, calmly walk the animal on the street or during a trip. If your pet does not have this useful accessory yet, we are sure that after reading this article you will be able to make the right choice.

Best cat harnesses to buy in 2022

1. "H-shaped" harness model (under $5)

I-shaped cat harness

Two loops (one is put on the cat's neck, like a collar, and the other - on the body behind the front paws) are connected by a strap on the cat's back. As a result, such a harness looks like the letter "H". The straps wrap around the cat's torso and fasten with buckles. This design adjusts the circumference of the neck and the torso for a good fit and extra safety. It also has a D-ring suitable for a leash. This harness is best suited for calm, confident cats.


2. Breathable adjustable harness with reflective stripes (under $15)

Adjustable kitten harness with reflective stripes

A more dense variety is not just a loop, but a harness made in the form of a jacket. This harness is suitable even for kittens. It is an adjustable nylon harness, specially designed for you to take your little pet with you. The main feature of the harness is that the load from the neck of the animal during active movement is transferred to the body, which does not cause the so-called choking effect. Vest-style straps provide durability and comfort thanks to the ability to fit snugly. They have a larger surface area with wider straps that minimize the chance of snagging or pinching your cat.

3. Nylon vest harness with a bow (under $5)

Nylon vest harness for cat

Vest cat harness made of nylon breathable fabric that provides reliable support under the chest. The straps are fastened with convenient clips that can be adjusted in a couple of seconds. The colorful harness with a cute bow will become a favorite fashion accessory for your pet.

4. Reflective vest harness with a leash and a bell (under $15)

Cat vest harness with a leash and a bell

It is a durable, soft and comfortable harness with a strong fastening. It is quick and easy to put on and fasten. It fits tightly and gently to the body, does not chafe. The soft lining on the seamy side protects the cat hair from matting. The harness comes with a bell so that you will hear your cat moving.

5. Economic adjustable escape proof cat vest (under $10)

Economic adjustable reflective cat vest

This harness is worn on the cat in cold weather – it will save the pet from dirt and cold. The harness is easy to put on. This harness is considered a fashionable model and is already included in the category of clothing. Because it distributes weight and pressure evenly, it is great for walking stronger cats. Downside of the harness is that the cat may not like it because of the tightness.

How to choose a harness for a cat?

The main rule is not to buy the model that is first available. It may not fit your pet. What to pay attention to when choosing a cat harness:

1. Take a closer look at the material from which the harness is made. The leather options are heavy and tough. Harnesses made of cotton and nylon do not chafe and are easy to clean.

2. Ideally the width of the straps should be no more than 1.5 cm. Too wide straps make it difficult for the cat to move, and too narrow ones put pressure on the skin.

3. Check all fasteners. The service life of the harness depends on their quality. Make sure that there are parts for attaching the leash.

4. Try the harness on the animal. To do this, put it on the cat and put two fingers between the harness and the cat's back. The fingers should pass freely.

We hope that these tips will be helpful to you and you will get the perfect harness for your pet. And see you on the street!