Casino streamers are very popular nowadays, they actively comment on the gameplay, reveal strategies and answer questions in the chat. They also run live streams with the game, always showing their face - emotions are important in gambling.

Today, we will take a look at 7 different professional casino streamers.


One of the biggest casino streamers is named Trainwreckstv. If you're a gamer, you may already heard of him, when he streamed World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Halo games. But more recently, he's moved on to a more adult style of gaming, switching to cryptocurrency casino betting at Stake Casino.

This sudden switch seemed strange to many people but the streamer explained. To paraphrase his words, instead of you playing with your hard-earned money, you watch him spend it. Interestingly, in this way, he promotes safe gambling. It's as if he's taking your place, taking your risk, and you're just having fun, often at a much higher rate because he has a fairly large and secure bankroll. It's certainly an intriguing move, and we think it's legitimate.



If you've only heard of one casino streamer, we're pretty sure it's Roshtein. This guy is by far the most popular Stake online casino streamer. The popularity can be explained by the fact that he's a high roller, giving us a glimpse into a level of gambling that not all of us can afford. Plus, he's very interesting. After all, he may be a gambler, but he has become so popular for a reason.


Casino Streamer XPOSED - Total wagered $500000000 - Statistics , Favorite casinos, Trophies & Analytics
Detailed Stats for Online Casino streamer XPOSED: total wagered, favorite games, recent games, player trophies, twitter, twitch, instagram

No list of top casino streamers can be made without mentioning Xposed. Behind this name is Cody Burnett from Ontario. Cody first started streaming Call of Duty and in 2017 he came into the casino world and was one of the first to make a name for himself as a streamer.

Xposed now makes thousands of dollars a month from his streamers. He has over 500,000 subscribers on Twitch alone, which certainly speaks to his success. People love him for his warm personality and high energy. Just like many other streamer, he enjoys playing at Stake Casino.

Unlike Roshstein, Xposed is much more open about his life. He is a family man, living with his longtime girlfriend, their child and their dog. He has also long gambled with relatively modest stakes - unlike Roshtein. He now bets hundreds and thousands of dollars per game, which can lead to winnings of over $100,000.



ClassyBeef is a streaming project consisting of four participants. In their videos, the boys play slots for real money. Having started streaming not so long ago, they instantly gained a lot of popularity. This mainly is due to their entertaining content, which makes many people watch them for hours. Once you check out ClassyBeef, you'll know that they are one of the largest online streaming projects. They have over 90,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,200 hours of streaming. Stake Casino is probably their favorite site.

The number of views on the channel is also over 5.7 million. You may also notice that the guys always start with small bets and then increase the amounts on different types of games. They have also established a rule that they make bets available to regular people.



A casino streamer with a charming personality and a winning smile, VonDice is a man with undying love and interest in slot games. Andrew VonDice spent a year in Las Vegas before deciding to settle on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta.

During one dinner party, he met casino streaming legend and his now good buddy, Roshtein, who introduced him to the iGaming community on Twitch. Andrew has been a guest of Roshtein's many times, and the two of them have shared some of the most memorable moments of casino streaming. With his hilarious demeanor and broad smile, he won the hearts of Roshtein's Twitch subscribers in no time. Currently, he mostly streams slot games from Gamdom Casino.



This popular casino channel is run by three brothers, Erik, Karl Anton, and Matthias Joelsson. The trio lives in Kristianstad, a small town of only 40,000 people located in the southernmost Swedish county of Skåne. The youngest of the three brothers, Erik, is 27. Karl Anton is 31. And their older brother, Matthias, is 33. The trio monetizes their streams through their two affiliate casino sites, and Both sites are operated by the brothers' media company, Joelsson Media Holding AB, of which Matthias is CEO.

The older brother appears to be the leader of the group. A service and hotel management specialist by training, he is fluent in five languages: Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch. Before becoming a regular streamer and partner, Mathias worked as a Key Account Manager for Speedcom Sverige, an Internet Service Provider based in Borås. In addition to working with CasinoDaddy and its two partner sites, Matthias Joelsson is also the CEO of Webbjätten AB, an IT company that helps Swedish companies build and manage websites.

This is probably the most serious channel on our TOP list.



AyeZee is an online casino streamer on Twitch and the owner of a YouTube channel that was created in March 2017. Over the past 5 years, AyeZee has published over 560 videos totaling over 110 hours. All videos on the channel have been viewed over 33,105,000 times, have 783,000 likes and 132,000 comments.

The most frequent topics of the videos are related to slots and live dealer games, nowadays streamer mostly playes at Rollbit Casino. You can find AyeZee on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The average AyeZee video in 2022 has 71,600+ views, 250+ comments, 1,750+ likes, and averages about 13 minutes long. The last stream was recorded yesterday.

Which streamer to choose?

In order to understand whether streamers can be trusted, let's consider the main character traits that they should possess:

  • Experience is the main factor for any successful online casino streamer. A gambler without gaming skills will not be able to play and win.
  • Charisma is another important criterion of a streamer's success. Agree, no one will listen to an uninteresting and boring monologue. To attract the attention of viewers, the streamer should always be positive, be able to present information competently and easily, and to interest new viewers.
  • Restraint is also among the mandatory qualities of the casino streamer. The bottom line is that a person is constantly experiencing different emotions. But sometimes it is useful, as, for example, in the case of charisma, and sometimes it is quite the opposite. Thus, a non-professional streamer, having received a win, begins to thoughtlessly increase the bets, wanting to earn even more. As a rule, such ill-considered actions lead to disastrous consequences.

If the streamer has all these character traits, their success is half assured and it is fun to watch them in action. Even professional gamblers can lose millions at a time, but they never lose heart, because they know that fortune is always around. In general, self-control and cold calculation - that is what what you should look for in a streamer.