Rice, a kind of grain, is popular around the world and is a staple food for some Asian countries. It contains nutrients that provide energy such as carbohydrates.

However, is it safe for your dog to eat rice? Definitely, yes. It is safe, healthy, and beneficial for your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Rice

Although some dog lovers advocate for a low-carb and grain-free diet for pets, rice can still be a part of your dog’s meal in considerable amounts. Generally, there are different types of rice that can be consumed by your pet, which is not harmful but rather beneficial. If you’re not convinced yet, here are reasons why rice can be a part of your pet’s diet:


You may not know it, but rice and other kinds of grains are one of the ingredients found in dog food. It is commonly found in dry dog food recipes. Brewers rice, brown rice, and ground rice are the types of rice particularly used by manufacturers. Rice is one of the sources of beneficial nutrients and is not just considered as filler to your pet’s diet.


Unless your dog’s food already contains a sufficient portion of carbohydrates and sugar, rice can be a part of your pet’s daily diet. Different types of rice offer different kinds of nutrients; some are high in fiber, protein, B vitamins, riboflavin, iron, among others. Also, it does not contain any harmful fats. You just have to be careful not to put excessive rice in your pet’s meal as it will contribute to weight gain. But aside from that, rice is overall safe and healthy to be eaten by dogs.


White rice is bland and easy to digest which makes it recommendable to be consumed by dogs, especially when they have an upset stomach. It is also known to be the best food for dogs that have high blood pressure and is great as part of a bland diet. Boiled rice is also used to cure diarrhea. However, it is still best to consult your veterinarian about it.


Rice is usually cooked through boiling. It doesn’t take much time to prepare. You can also add additional ingredients to make it tastier. Some breeds of dogs are fed with rice daily because their owners eat rice as part of their usual consumption. It may be a good alternative for dog food but it is best to consult your veterinarian if it is advisable for your pet to consume rice daily.

As pet owners, it is normal for you to worry about what your pet consumes. While there are foods that are both edible to humans and dogs, there are some which may pose a grave danger to pets when eaten, such as grapes, raisins and onions. Responsibility is a must when taking care of animals and it is always best to seek the help of a professional when dealing with matters that are not within our knowledge.

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