It’s common knowledge that carrots are good for our eyes due to its high vitamin A content. Whether we eat them fresh or cooked, these root vegetables are both a tasty and healthy addition to our meals, but how about our dogs?

Are Carrots Good for Dogs


Carrots are actually good for your pup’s health. Vitamin A is not only great for humans, but for dogs as well. These aid in the development of their bones and improve their immune system.

Carrots also improve your dog’s dental health. Veterinarians suggest that if you find it difficult to brush your pet’s teeth on a daily basis, you can give them carrots as an all-natural dental chew. Feeding carrots to your dog can also prevent plaque build-up.

Carrots are also good for maintaining regular bowel movement. This is because of the soluble fiber content of carrots helps keep your dog regular. Think of it this way: munching on carrot treats is already helping his dental health, and is also great for his overall well-being. This is certainly a win-win situation for your furry friend!

Just keep in mind that regardless of the benefits they can get from carrots, adding the vegetable in their meal little by little and feeding them in moderation is always a better option. It might also be better if you consult your veterinarian just in case your dog has a sensitive stomach or has an underlying condition that might be worsened if they eat carrots.


Giving too many dog treats to your pet happens quite a lot. Dog treats usually contain sugar, and if you keep on feeding large quantities of treats to your dog, they might develop diabetes. That is why switching to carrots as a substitute dog treat is a great low-fat alternative to the usual unhealthy dog treats.


The best way to add carrots into your dog’s daily meal depends on their size and tastes. As a general rule, you should always remember to cut or slice an entire raw carrot into bite-sized pieces to avoid any choking incidents.

If you own a dog from a small breed, it’s best to go for smaller cuts or baby carrots so they wouldn’t have a hard time eating the vegetable without choking on them. For larger dogs, they are more capable of eating an entire piece. They can either split the carrots apart or hold one with their paws like a stick while chewing.

If you prefer to feed your pets with raw carrots, always wash the vegetable thoroughly, but leave unpeeled to gain maximum fiber.