A Bug-Out-Bag is a small size bag with a number of basic necessities, designed for a planned evacuation for up to 3 days. In our time, with the transition to commercial rails, the victims of accidents are increasingly left to their own devices and are forced to solve their problems on their own. Hence the notion of a survivalist backpack, that is, a backpack complete with everything needed for an autonomous existence.

Let’s take a look at few good examples of bug-out-bags and then you will find out how to pick the one that suits you best.

TOP-5 Bug-Out-Bags to buy right now

5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack (under $210)

5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack - 37 Liter

The organization is a key feature with the wrap-around MOLLE design of the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Bug Out Bag which provides you with unmatched storage capabilities to be ready for anything. The roomy main storage area is filled with pockets and mesh compartments so that you can keep your gear in order and have quick access. Exterior zipper pockets will keep essential gear, like pocket knives, ready in an instant and are where the MOLLE storage system is placed. Multiple webbed straps are compatible with the 5.11 Tier or Scabbard system, which allows you to conveniently add more storage to your backpack.

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CONDOR 3 Day Assault Bug Out Bag (under $100)

Condor 3 Day Assault Bug Out Bag

Comfort is key when you’re carrying a heavy load and the CONDOR 3 Day Assault Bug Out Bag puts the user’s comfort first. This tactical bug-out bag has body contour shoulder straps and extra thick padding to ensure the weight doesn’t dig in. With additional D-ring equipment attachment, a sternum strap, and a removable waist belt, you can tailor your fit and comfort. Additionally, the back panel is foam padded and has deep grooves for maximum airflow. All of these comfortable features are designed to help you carry the large load cargo capacity of this bug-out bag.

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REEBOW GEAR Military Bug Out Bag (under $40)

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack - 3 Day Assault Pack

The REEBOW GEAR Military Bug Out Bag has a heavy-duty design with double-stitched seams and a high-density fabric to carry the weight of all your survival gear. The high-density fabric is water-resistant and reduces damage so that you can take this tactical bug-out bag to any rugged location. With utility-style cords and zippers, you can confidently tug and pull to gain access to your most important gear.

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5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Bug Out Bag (under $210)

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack - Large, 55 Liter

Made with 1000D nylon, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Bug Out Bag is a high-strength and water-repellant survival backpack that can get you through any survival scenario. With a dual-zippered front and main compartments, this waterproof bug-out bag is glove-friendly for cold locations and temperatures. The large pull tabs are easy to use and ensure you can quickly access your gear.

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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Bug Out Bag (under $60)

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Large Assault Bug Out Bag

With four expanding compartments, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Bug Out Bag can be loaded up with all your wilderness survival essentials. The four compartments include the main section, a smaller secondary section, and two external pockets. The easy section can be secured with the exterior compression straps to better balance the weight.

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Buyer's Guide: How to choose a survivalist backpack?

What a survivalist backpack should be like:

  • Sturdy

The sturdier the backpack, the less you'll have to mend it, wasting your last energy and precious time. And good if you brought a sewing kit! Under no circumstances should you use for survival backpacks made of nylon. The most suitable fabric - Cordura (durable, resistant to abrasion, water-resistant). Minus - heavy.

  • Roomy enough

The keyword is enough. Do not take backpacks of 100 liters. It is important to remember, a survivalist backpack is something that will be on your back almost all the time. Backpacks of 50 to 70 liters with 1-2 large pockets are ideal for this purpose.

  • With a comfortable hanging system

Types of suspension systems are many and, of course, it is better to try everything and choose what perfectly adjusts to the anatomical features of a particular person. Practice shows that long transitions are easier to endure with backpacks that have a semi-rigid frame and an additional belt attachment.

  • With the ability to quickly pack things

The backpack must have not more than 2 big pockets and a rigid or semi-rigid frame, so that in case of emergency or LP quickly assemble it, not bothering with the proper storage of things.

  • Non-bright colors

Bright colors often attract unnecessary attention, it is easier to become a victim of looters. That's why khaki is the best color to use. If the backpack has bright stripes and reflective tape, it is desirable to have a cover of camouflage colors.

There are 3 types of backpacks most commonly used as survival backpacks:

  • A soldier's duffel bag is the cheapest and simplest option. It can be used both as the main backpack and as an additional belly backpack. The backpack is waterproof, hard to tear, and not too shabby to lose. Poorly suited for long hikes due to uncomfortable shoulder straps.
  • Tactical backpacks - have comfortable shoulder straps and back padding, fit well on the back, and are great for running and long hikes. Usually have 3 to 6 pockets and a belt clip.
  • Hiking backpack - roomy, comfortable with a lot of drawstrings. With it is unlikely to run, but you can walk long and comfortably.