A portable speaker is a device that can be used both as a PC sound amplifier and for outdoor discos. And it's best to buy one that will work in all conditions. But how to choose a Bluetooth speaker? That is explained below.

Why you need a portable speaker

Gadgets act as a portable speaker that improves volume and audio quality. If you choose your portable speaker responsibly, you can listen to everything from classics to dubstep, from podcasts to movies on it.

A portable device with a quality battery works up to 8-10 hours without recharging. You can take your speaker outdoors or for a walk in the city. Some models are capable of synchronising with other devices to listen to music and create a "music centre".

How to choose a portable speaker

Before you choose, you need to decide what you want your speaker for:

• Listening to music in lossless quality;

• A speaker to listen to podcasts;

• A speaker for playing PlayStation, etc.

The parameters affect the price range of the device. While you can buy an inexpensive mid-sized speaker for listening to dialogues in a game, for quality music playback, devices from the premium segment are better suited.

Given the size of the market, everyone will find a winner in a personal ranking. And keep in mind that even the best portable speaker can be disappointing if it does not fit the requirements.

TOP-5 Best Bluetooth Speakers

To figure out which portable speaker will be the best in your particular case, it is worth evaluating a lot of characteristics. To make your life easier, we've put together this top list.

1. JBL Go 2

JBL Go 2 Bluetooth Speaker

If you think back to the first JBL Go, it was a basic-basic-level speaker, a gift for those who wanted to buy a super cheap audio device.

The sharp corners have been smoothed out, the perforated metal grille, twelve colours, all interesting and relevant this year, although you could settle for a banal black. The huge logo on the grill is a tribute to the design code adopted five years ago; the logo is unashamedly forward, with a larger font.

Despite the diminutive size, there are a lot of details. Buttons are well made, click when pressed, under the cap is MicroUSB and 3,5 mm, you can put Go on the back, you can put it on the edge, for this purpose provided small feet at the bottom. It's nice to see that kind of care.

The gadget has become more functional and beautiful. It is ideal for summer and youth.


USB Type-C port;

IPX7 Waterproof;



Only 5 hours of work on a full charge.

2. DOSS E-go

DOSS E-go Bluetooth Speaker

Has 4 ways of playback: via Bluetooth, from a memory card, via AUX, and by connecting to a computer

Playback time lasts for a working day (8 hours) with 80% volume. Comes with 4 playback modes: Bluetooth, memory card, AUX, and PC.

Dust and moisture protection is tested and works, you can even wash the speaker in the bathtub if you want.

All in all, the speaker is worth its money.


IPX6 Waterproof;

Bluetooth 4.1;

8 hour of work on a full charge;

1400mAh battery.


Charging time — 3 hours.

3. MIFA F5

MIFA F5 Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker works perfectly from any Bluetooth phone (you can include music though locally from the player, though from a browser online, though from where else) and the device in general (tablet-laptop, etc.), and plug it into a computer through the same 3.5-3.5 cord is not a problem.

The speaker itself on the backside has a slot for microSD, where (the card) you can pour music and use the speaker without any extraneous devices.

MIFI 5 sounds great. Yes, this speaker is far away from a full-fledged one, but for a small portable — it's just right. And the coolest thing here is that the sound is omni-directional.


Play function: APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3;

1200mAh battery;

Metal mesh.


Bluetooth 3.0.

4. M&J (MELODY & JOURNEY) Bluetooth Speaker

M&J (MELODY & JOURNEY) Bluetooth Speaker

M&J can be connected to your phone via the included cable or you can stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can control the playlist on your mobile as well as from the speaker itself.

The top of the cylindrical speaker is covered with a metallic mesh, painted in the main colour, the base has a velvety coating. Around the circumference of the base are the inputs: USB, MicroSD, DC/AUX (power/audio), 3.5mm Jack. There are also four control buttons.

Additional modes:

• Playback mode from a MicroSD card;

• FM-radio mode;

• Wireless for smartphone.

The built-in battery (350mAh) lasts for several hours and is charged using a cable from a conventional phone charger.


Metallic mesh;

Very small;

Play function: PE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3


350mAh battery.

5. EWA A103 Mini Bluetooth Speakers

EWA A103 Mini Bluetooth Speakers

The sound is loud, transparent, all frequencies in place. Available wireless coverage within 10m.
Audio playback time: 4 hours. Charging time 2h.

Fully compatible with Android smart devices, end of call automatically switches to music playback.


Bluetooth 5.0;

4 hours of work on a full charge.


No support memory card.