Home remedies for bloating

We have often times heard our family and friends complain about feeling bloated. While we say that usually when we overeat, in some cases that can be a little bit more serious, (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome is quite common. Bloating is the feeling you get when your stomach feels full, mostly due to gas.


Constipation is a widespread cause, and plenty of people that have problems with feeling bloated, don’t even know that it can be due to constipation. If you don’t have regular bowel movements, that can be a clear sign of constipation. However, sometimes, even when you have regular bowel movements, you can still feel constipated if:

• If after a bowel movement, you still don’t feel empty
• Having problems starting or finishing a bowel movement
• Stool that looks like pebbles and rocks

Other causes include:

• (SIBO) Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: The majority of people have few bacteria in their small intestine. While people who have dealt with IBS or intestinal surgery have an increased chance to get bloated.
• Gut sensitivity: People who suffer from IBS are quite sensitive to gas, which can cause diarrhea, cramping, and pain.
• Gastroparesis: This conditions will cause delayed bowel movements, and that will cause bloating, nausea, and in some cases also bowel blockage.

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