Many dog owners install traditional fences to keep their dog safe inside their property. But what if your neighborhood imposes a strict rule about fencing and just don’t like the idea of putting up a fence in your yard? Then, a wireless dog fence is exactly what you need! Using a wireless dog fence, just like a traditional fence, can help set the boundary for your dog — making him aware of the safe zone as well as the off limits area in the yard.

Wondering how wireless dog fences work? This kind of electronic fence uses a static correction to remind your dog of his boundary. There’s no need to worry because it is safe to use as it is not painful or traumatic. Planning to purchase one? Then, you should check out our list of the highly suggested wireless dog fences in the market.

Top 3 Best Wireless Dog Fence


For dogs, leaving your door wide open is his chance to see the outside world. Thus, he grabs every chance he gets. If you have a door-darter, then this Petsafe Stubborn Dog Fence is a must have, a system that is designed for pets weighing 8 pounds and above. It’s not designed only for door-darters but also for dogs with hearing impairment as it comes with a vibration mode feature. The coverage size is customizable too — allowing your pet to play in up to ⅓ acres or more. It has run-through prevention with a correction level that will increase if your dog tries to run through the boundary.


It’s so frustrating to have a dog that runs like crazy as soon as the door opens. Door dashing can be dangerous to your beloved pets especially if you don’t have a fence around your property. If you are concerned about his safety, then you must check out this Sportdog In-ground Fence System. This system gives sound and vibration warnings to keep your dog aware of his boundary and if he still tries to cross his safe zone, then one of the seven static stimulation levels should follow. The transmitter has a wire break alarm and a built-in Lightning Protector. You can contain an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars, making this is a great system for keeping them in.


Dogs are family; thus, we want to keep them safe from any harm. By using this Wiez Wireless Dog Fence, you are assured that your dog is protected at all times. Not only it acts as an outdoor wireless dog fence, it is a great device for dog training too. The levels of vibration and electric shock are adjustable; thus, you can choose what’s best for your beloved pet. If you have more than one dog, you can just add more collars — making it possible to train one dog while the others are resting. Despite being incredibly effective at training your dog to stay inside, it is harmless as it only shocks but does not hurt your dog.