A spiralizer is a handy kitchen utensil to add appeal to a dish. It makes your vegetables look good: in spirals and spaghetti. Thanks to these functions, this culinary gadget has become a must-have for the world's top chefs and cordon bleu chefs. However, if you want to buy one, you should know that it's not as simple given the existing types, the blades, and their ergonomics.

To help you slice, check out our 2022 selection with Hamilton Beach 70935 electric C loader Vegetable slicer with a large capacity of 6 cups and three cutting cones. You also have the Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer model with its high-quality design and ultra-adhesive suction cups.

Top 5 Spiralizers of 2022

If we compare the models offered on the market, it is not always obvious, which is the right product to acquire? Should we rely on the best brand of spiralizers? For our part, we offer you our purchase recommendations and the ranking of our five favorite models.

1. Hamilton Beach 70935 electric C-loader Vegetable cutter

The must for a creative kitchen is to have a spiralizer. This utensil allows you to prepare fun and delicious vegetarian noodle dishes. But where to buy the best spiralizer? There are manuals and electric ones, and the choice is not always natural. If you're an effortless enthusiast, Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer is for you.

This 3 in 1 model is designed for cutting vegetables and fruit like spaghetti, linguine, and ribbon. It comes with three interchangeable cutting cones: spaghetti cone for making noodles, linguine cone for making thicker cuts, and ribbon cone for wide curly ribbons. Its design allows it to quickly and easily shape swoodles and zoodles: courgettes, apples, carrots, etc.

This electric appliance is supplied with a 6-cup capacity bowl and a cleaning brush. Its all-black design gives it an elegant look that suits any decorative style. Its structure is mounted in solid BPA-free plastic in the areas that come into contact with food. Dismountable, all parts are dishwasher safe.


  • Ergonomic handle: This spiralizer comes with a metal handle attached to the end of the pusher. This helps to hold the machine firmly while pruning your vegetables.
  • With a capacity of 6 cups, the bowl of this spiralizer allows you to collect your vegetable spirals without having to empty it systematically.


  • A container without attachment: The spiral collection container does not attach to the spiralizer. It is placed without attachment under the machine, directly on the work surface.

2. Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer

Nowadays, a dish must seduce as much by its scents and flavors as by its presentation. When you taste a meal, it starts with the visual. If you want to make your vegetable preparations look right, use the best spiralizer from our selection: Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer.

This model of the vegetable cutter is the perfect utensil to concoct healthy vegetable or fruit dishes with a spiral and exotic look. It comes with six stainless steel blades: 2 straight razors, three julienne blades, and one curly angel hair slice.

This variety of cutting edges allows this machine to feed the imagination of blue cords. It can handle fruits and vegetables up to 10'' long and 7'' thick. These must be at least 0.5'' in diameter. When purchased, this spiralizer comes with a cleaning brush and a user manual with recipes.

As far as the structure is concerned, this Paderno model is graced with a BPA-free ABS plastic design (frame and blade plates). This makes it a kitchen tool that is both durable and solid. You can clean it in the dishwasher.


  • Easy to install: This spiralizer is quickly and firmly fixed to a work surface thanks to its sturdy suction feet. The suction feet are equipped with release tabs for easy detachment from the machine.
  • Robust design: The quality of the ABS plastic of this spiralizer is excellent. Furthermore, it is guaranteed BPA-free. It also boasts durable stainless steel blades and a sturdy, removable crank handle.
  • Easy to clean: The components are generally easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe. Also, this kitchen gadget comes with a dedicated cleaning brush.


  • Vegetables up to 2.5'' in diameter: This spiralizer is only capable of cutting vegetables and fruits up to 2.5'' in diameter. This excludes large zucchini.

3. Sedhoom Spiral vegetable cutter four blades

Ergonomics is an essential feature of a Spiralizer. It determines the level of comfort and effort you need to put in when you use it. However, many models on the market neglect this point. With this in mind, how do you choose the best spiralizers of 2022? If you're looking for a model that's comfortable to use, this model from Sedhoom may be just what you're looking for.

Its unique and practical design characterizes this vegetable cutter. It comes with a reservoir and a zoodle collection container. Its suction cups are located on its lower side to optimize its use and operation.

This Sedhoom model comes with four interchangeable blades. Its blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp. To replace them, simply roll them back.

These blades can be used to create noodles and vegetable spirals for a healthy, vegetarian diet. It is a manual model that is operated with a crank handle in the vertical position. In addition to being practical, it is of high-quality design. Its components are dishwasher safe.


  • Vertical design: This spiralizer is fixed vertically on a work surface. This configuration offers more stability and better attachment of the suction cups. This makes it easier to spiral vegetables as the crank is at the top and not at the sides.
  • Collection container included: This vegetable slicer comes with its collection container in addition to the reservoir.4 blades: This number of blades is more than enough to handle a wide variety of vegetable shapes and sizes.


  • Incompatible with long vegetables: Its vertical design makes this spiralizer unable to cut a whole long vegetable. It must be cut.

4. Oxo Good Grips Hand Spiralizer

Small comparison: electric and manual spiralizers are on the rise. But that doesn't mean that hand models are lagging. This type of zoodle machine is very practical because it is portable and easy to use. If you are looking for one, we offer OXO Good Grips.

Its stainless steel blade characterizes this little culinary gadget. It is ideally suited for cutting all kinds of vegetables, exceptionally long and round ones (courgettes, potatoes, beets, etc.). It is specially made for making curly noodles.

This zoodle cutter is efficient, as it allows the hand to be used directly as an action lever, without requiring any support. Also, it can be used as a storage container because of its design.

Its green color inspires nature and suggests a vegetarian diet. Its cylindrical structure is mainly made of high-quality plastic.


  • Compact: This OXO handheld spiralizer is small and compact enough to fit in the kitchen or a bag.
  • Solid: Even though it is made of plastic, this inexpensive zoodle machine is solidly built. It shouldn't break easily.


  • Not for a large committee: Plan for a lot of hard work if you plan to use this spiralizer to make vegetable noodles for several people.

5. Starfrit 092936-004-0000 foldable

To encourage creative cooking, there are special utensils, including the spiralizer. This zoodle tool allows you to prepare healthy, vegetarian, and above all, visually appealing dishes. But where can you buy a new spiralizer when you're a fan of manual variations? For our part, we offer you this model of the Starfrit brand. This spiralizer stands out in particular because of its foldable structure. Folded up, it takes up less space (up to 50% less space). It is practical for easy and compact storage. The manual type is equipped with a crank handle, but also with a suction-grip-feet fastening system.

When purchased, this model comes with three interchangeable blades, one of which is sharp, one for medium spirals, and another for beautiful spirals. Its food holder is coupled with a guide pusher to allow a proper anchoring of the vegetable or fruit. Its structure is mainly made of stainless steel.


  • Foldable and compact: The foldable structure of the Starfrit spiralizer makes it a tiny device. Also, its integrated blade tray allows you to store these sharp accessories directly in the body of the spiralizer.
  • Three blades included: Its sharp blade is ideal for spiraling chips and salads. The thin blade is made for julienne noodles. The medium edge is suitable for curly fries or thick noodles.


  • Medium stability: The suction cups of this machine give it excellent durability. However, a handle opposite the crank would have been handy to hold the spiralizer firmly.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Spiralizer?

The secret to making a dish catch the eye of your guests and children the first time: presentation. It has to be visually appealing. A Spiralizer is a great way to do this because it gives your vegetables a beautiful shape. That said, which spiralizer should you choose? That's easy. Consider the type, the blade, and the ergonomics.

Always hungry for bargains, you want to know how to buy a better value spiralizer? You will find the answer to this question by taking into account several parameters, including the type. Indeed, this culinary tool is available in various forms on the market. By learning about these varieties, you will be able to choose the right one for the purpose you want to use it for.

There are three types of spiralizers:

- The model with hand with use sharpener: it is necessary to hold it at arm's length when you carve your zoodles. The cheapest of the three, it is just perfect if you are cooking for two people at most.

- The hand model rotating on the worktop: this one is usually equipped with a crank for sharpening vegetables and suction cups for attachment. It is turned by hand. Here you should pay particular attention to the quality and robustness of the handle. This is essential to determine the comfort of use and, above all, the durability of the tool. If possible, avoid cranks with a rough rubber or plastic coating. Also, choose a manual spiralizer with a handle that is neither too small nor too large for a good grip.

- The electric model with an automatic system: to be plugged into a mains socket or using a battery, it requires no effort or works on your part. Simply insert the vegetable or fruit into the chute and let the machine work. Moreover, it is even more practical if it is equipped with a speed variator. It is best to choose a model with a power of at least 50 W.

If you have a small budget, a manual model will suit you perfectly. It is cheap and works with elbow grease and not electricity. It is suitable for small committees. Also, it has the advantage of being portable (camping, in the countryside, etc.). In comparison, an electric variant is indicated for large meals and large committees.


A good spiralizer is also judged by the quality of its blade. Here are a few tips on how to pick the best models straight out of price comparison.

On principle, this tool should be able to cut vegetables and fruit into spirals, twists, ribbons (flat cut), fettuccine, tagliatelle, and especially spaghetti. The shape and uniformity of the rendering generally depend on the sharpness and speed of the blade. The blade must be well sharpened. Stainless steel blades are particularly recommended as they are insensitive to rust. Also, this accessory must be easy to clean to allow regular use.

So when you prospect, you should check the number and nature of the components delivered before buying the spiralizer. This will allow you to know what kind of adjustment you will be able to make to the size, nature, and thickness of the zoodles. To have more cutting choices, we recommend through this buying guide for the best spiralizers to choose a model with the maximum number of blades. In particular, there are models supplied with one spiral blade and six interchangeable blades.


The best performing spiralizer not only offers several types of sizes but also has to be ergonomic. This is essential for comfortable use and, above all a natural result. This partly determines the effort you will put into using this cooking tool.

But how do you know which is the best spiralizer on the market given this criterion? You should know that for a manual or electric model fixed on a work surface, it should ideally be equipped with suction cups or adhesive feet. This makes it easier to handle and, above all, more stable. This makes the work faster and more efficient because you only have to focus on carving the vegetables.

There are also spiralizers with a blade storage system. These compartments mean that you don't have to systematically store your blades and various accessories in the packaging box or cupboard. Usually, this compartment is located at the base of the appliance. This makes the use of this equipment a little more compact. If you are dealing with a model with a crank handle, the handle must offer an excellent grip to prevent your hands from becoming sore after a few turns.