Medical science has been finding out more and more about the importance of gut flora and how it plays a big part in maintaining overall health. It’s not just true for humans, but also for dogs. That’s why probiotics for dogs is something you should definitely consider.

Having a healthy amount of good bacteria in your dog’s digestive system prevents tummy problems and helps them digest their food properly, thus letting them absorb as much nutrition from what they eat. It also helps maintain the immune system, thus preventing illness.

These five probiotics for dogs are the best you can get for your canine companion.



If you are looking to make your dog’s digestive system healthier with some snacks, look no further than these probiotic chews from Zesty Paws. They have natural digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics in pumpkin-flavored chews for your dog. Get rid of tummy problems, promote regular bowel movement, boost the immune system, alleviate allergies and hotspots, and so on while making them as delicious as your dog’s favorite snack. It also has GanedenBC30, a premium bacillus coagulans probiotic that resists stomach acid and goes all the way to the intestines to aid digestion and maintain a healthy balance in your doggy’s tummy.


As the brand name suggests, this product is proud of using premium natural ingredients that provides 2 billion CFU of probiotics and prebiotics for every one of its 120 soft chews. This one jar of Genuine Naturals Probiotics for Dogs is good from one to four months, depending on the size and breed. It is packed with nothing but premium ingredients that are both sourced and manufactured by Genuine Naturals themselves. Each can has a 1 to 4 month supply, depending on the size of your dog’s breed. The advanced formula is designed to give your furry companion the healthy balance needed for a healthy and active life.


This one jar has the 2 billion CFU of probiotics and prebiotics, as well as enzymes to promote good digestion. Pawfectchow Probiotics for Dogs is a 3-in-1 solution for dogs of all breeds and ages, making them healthier and giving them a longer and happier life. It has all the necessary probiotics needed by dogs of all sizes and breeds. You no longer need to worry about stomach upsets, digestive discomfort, and diarrhea in your dogs as long as you supplement them with these snacks. Each package has 120 soft chews with flavor your dog will love and never get tired of.


Digestive problems tend to arise whenever you need to change from one dog food to another. It can be a hassle when they become flatulent or have loose bowel movements, even if it is necessary a lot of the time. This one jar contains digestive enzymes that will make sure your pet’s gut will always have a viable source of good microorganisms. NaturVet’s Probiotics & Prebiotics is great for pets with sensitive tummies, flatulence, and diarrhea problems. The NaturVet Digestive Enzymes aids in digestion and helps maintain balance in the gut, especially during times you are transitioning your dog from one food to another.


This one is not just for dogs, but also fit for cats. You can get 360 scoops per jar, containing 360 billion CFU total. This is a great value for pet owners who care about their pet’s long-term health. It can help maintain the pet’s digestion and bowel movement, which also prevents bad breath and other health problems. NUSENTIA Probiotic contains no rice, gluten, dairy, soy, or fillers that may upset their stomach; no maltodextrin that can spike their blood sugar; and no GMOs for you to worry about. It’s specifically formulated to eliminate diarrhea and loose stool, yeast overgrowth, bad breath, constipation, and other related problems.