The oven is an indispensable kitchen utensil for making specific recipes. Without this fabulous tool, you will very quickly be limited in the meals you can prepare. Currently, there are different types and models of ovens on the market. And when you have to buy one, it's not so easy to decide which one to choose.

Cuisinart TOA-60C Convection oven, for example, is a lovely item. It is easily distinguished from other models on the market by its very stylish design. Panasonic NNST676S Genius is also a perfect choice because it offers a lot of possibilities.

The 5 Best Ovens of 2022

With the many products currently on the market in Canada, it is not always clear how to respond. We may come to wonder which model is the best performing model, or which is the best brand of ovens. To make things easier for you, here are five products that we recommend.

1. Cuisinart TOA-60C Convection Oven

If you're wondering what the best oven on the market is right now, this product may be of interest to you. The CUISINART TOA-60C is a high-performance convection oven. It easily distinguishes itself from other items by its unique and meticulous design.

With its 1800 watts of power, you will be able to cook, grill, or roast all kinds of food. The oven offers seven cooking modes, making it very versatile.

With its large capacity, it can hold up to 1.8 kg of food, giving you the possibility to prepare a meal for the whole family at once. A timer of up to 60 minutes allows you to set the oven to turn off after the cooking time automatically.

The CUISINART TOA-60C comes with an oven rack, a baking tray, and a fryer basket. If you are still wondering where to buy the best oven, you should perhaps check with this manufacturer.


  • The meticulous design: The TOA-60C KITCHEN is a very simple oven. But its silver finish gives it a very modern style, which easily distinguishes it from other models in a buying guide for the best ovens.
  • Versatile: It comes with several accessories that will allow you to cook, grill, or roast all kinds of food.


  • A little small: The oven does not allow you to cook too great preparations. For example, you can't put a large pizza in the oven.
  • Regular cleaning: It is recommended to clean this oven after each use because if you let the dirt burn, it will be less obvious to remove.

2. Panasonic NNST676S Genius

The Panasonic NNST676S Genius is a smart microwave oven that gives you the ability to achieve incredible cooking results. A built-in cooking sensor allows you to optimize power continuously. Not only does this feature ensure that food is cooked evenly, but also that energy consumption is reduced. If you still don't know where to buy a new oven, you may need to check with the manufacturer.

The NNST676S has a large 33 cm turntable that can accommodate a large amount of food. Also, it has 14 automated cooking programs and is particularly useful for heating frozen foods. The appliance is very modern and easy to use.

All functions are accessible from a simplified control interface. With its dimensions of 40.2 x 52.5 x 31.1 cm, the Panasonic NNST676S Genius is space-saving and will easily find its place in your kitchen. Its stainless steel shell makes it both resistant and easy to maintain.


  • Modern: The NNST676S is very practical and easy to use a microwave oven. It provides several features that are accessible from a very ergonomic control interface.
  • Good value for money: The Panasonic NNST676S Genius is a high-performance and durable oven. It has everything in it to out-perform the competition.


  • No handle: The oven has no handle, and it is quite challenging to open.
  • Do not use with metal: The main disadvantage of microwave ovens is that they are incompatible with metal bowls, plates or spoons.

3. Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

This is a most impressive toaster oven. It is much more efficient and faster than a conventional toaster. But it is not limited to this one use. It is also a multifunctional oven.

With its modern design, it combines practicality and aesthetics. It offers eight baking programs that give you the possibility to bake, broil, grill and roast. The oven even has a special button for frozen food. With all its features, it is probably the cheapest oven on the market.

The glass door allows you to see how the cooking process is going without having to open it, and it is easy to clean. A backlit LCD screen displays useful information (a timer, temperature, lighting level, etc.). Many users consider this model as the best oven of the moment.


  • Toaster oven: This is an innovative toaster oven. It is much more efficient and faster than a regular toaster oven.
  • Multifunction: It allows you to make all kinds of preparations. It's a very versatile oven because it can even cook frozen food.


  • Durability: Some users have complained that the device wears out a little too quickly. According to them, the oven would break down after only a short period.
  • Cleaning: The oven should be cleaned as regularly as possible. If you let the dirt settle, it will be tough to remove it afterward.

4. Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice

The Oster oven distinguishes itself from the others by its large capacity. Even though it is a small oven, it still has a large interior volume. If you don't yet know which oven to choose, this model may be of interest to you.

The oven measures 41.4 x 50 x 28.7 cm and weighs 9.21 kg. It takes up very little space and can be installed very quickly. With its stainless steel shell, it is straightforward to clean, as it is not susceptible to rust. To make things even easier for you, the inner trays are removable.

With the Oster oven, you can make all kinds of preparations. It's big enough for you to bake a massive pizza in it. The temperature can be adjusted between 150 and 450°, which offers a wide range of power to make even the most difficult preparations.


  • Large capacity: The Oster oven has a massive ability despite its generous dimensions. With this utensil, you can cook a meal for the whole family in one go.
  • Practical: The Oster oven is a versatile utensil. It gives you the possibility to cook, roast, and grill food at the same time.


  • The timer: Some users feel that the timer scrolls too fast on this model. This is a problem if you have to adhere to strict cooking times.

5. Hamilton Beach 31142 toaster

This model is probably the most affordable mini oven on the market at the moment. Despite its derisory price, it still has many advantages and is very useful. If you are looking for a cheap oven, Hamilton Beach 31142 should interest you.

This oven is efficient for toasting slices of bread, but it also allows you to make all kinds of preparations. It has five cooking functions that will enable you to gratinate, heat, bake, broil, and even cook frozen food.

Hamilton Beach 31142 also has a timer and a power setting from 150 to 450°. All functions are accessible from three rotary knobs, making it easy to use. The oven comes with three different trays, which can be removed for easy cleaning.


  • Affordable: Hamilton Beach 31142 is an efficient small oven. Its main advantage is its low price, which defies all other offers on the market.
  • Simple: The oven does not show any extravagance. This makes it both stylish and easy to use.


  • Low capacity: The Hamilton Beach 31142 has too little ability.
  • Performance: Although the oven can reach a baking temperature of 450°, it was not designed to run at this speed for very long.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Oven?

Buying a new oven is not a task to be taken lightly, as it is a significant investment. If you're wondering how to choose the best ovens for 2022, this buying guide will be a great help. You can benefit from useful tips as you read on.


At present, it is possible to distinguish several types of ovens on the market. While multifunction and induction models are very popular at the moment, convection ovens are not to be outdone. Your choice will depend on how you use them.

Convection ovens are usually equipped with two heating elements, one on top of the oven and one underneath. A distinction must be made between natural and forced convection ovens. The second model has a fan at the back to distribute heat evenly. The multifunction oven is a mixture of natural and forced convection.

Induction ovens are becoming more and more fashionable, even though they are not yet widespread. They allow for melting dishes on the inside and crispy dishes on the outside. These models are often equipped with a small grill, and they heat up very gradually. Their main advantage is their low energy consumption.

Best Oven Ranges

Steam ovens are appliances dedicated to specific uses. They use steam to heat food. This process has the advantage of preserving vitamins and minerals. However, this type of oven is minimal. It cannot be used to braise or roast food.

Some oven models are equipped with a cleaning system that facilitates maintenance. These are the pyrolysis models. When you turn it on, the oven heats to a specific temperature to char the dirt and grease spatters. This way, all you have to do is run a sponge over it to remove all the dirt in the cooking chamber.

Catalytic ovens are equipped with coatings that absorb food splashes and dirt. In this model, a damp sponge is sufficient to clean the cooking chamber. Ecoclean ovens combine both pyrolysis and catalysis and are the easiest to clean and maintain.


The capacity of an oven is a decisive purchasing criterion, as the quantity of meals you can prepare depends on it.

In general, the size of the oven has a considerable impact on its price. A small oven or mini oven will always be more affordable than a larger model. Lower capacity models also consume less energy. However, these are very limited, and you will only be able to make a few types of preparations.

This is because small ovens are almost always low-powered. They are not suitable if you need to cook your food thoroughly. Also, you will not be able to cook large dishes because of their low capacity.

With a standard-size oven, you will have more possibilities. Although they usually cost more, they are well worth it. With these models, you will no longer be limited by the amount of food you can cook. The latest standard ovens consume as much energy as a small model, and you don't have to worry about your electricity bill.

If you need to cook a massive quantity of meals, you may need to opt for a large built-in oven. This model takes up a lot of space, which is why it is often built into a wall. Built-in ovens are much more expensive than the usual models, but they usually have an elegant design. They also consume a lot more energy, so choose carefully if you opt for an electric model.

Value for money

The acquisition of a furnace is an essential thing. However, you're not going to ruin yourself with that one utensil. To find an oven that is both affordable and of good quality, the best thing to do is to make a price comparison, and if necessary, consult a price comparator. If you buy an oven at an affordable price, salespeople will often give you low-end products.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for quality and durability, you will have to invest a lot of money. The best way to avoid having to go through either of these two situations is always to compare. The same product could have different prices from two sellers. That's why you should always check all offers before buying. If you're wondering how to buy a better price/quality ratio oven, we advise you always to compare prices.