Everyone who often goes out of town or lives in countryside understands how important it is to spend time in nature with comfort. In the fresh air, it is much more pleasant to read a book or watch a movie, basking in the rays of the sun and enjoying the breeze. However, you don't always want to do it on the grass or on a bench. A suspended cocoon chair is like a whole playground with a hammock, a rocking chair and a children's swing. It does not take up as much space as an ordinary swing and looks quite stylish and organic against the background of any landscape. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a selection of the best hanging chairs that will allow you to enjoy outdoor recreation and relax.

Outdoor Hanging Curved Chaise Lounge Chair (under $250)

The real sales leader is this hanging chair. It has all the characteristics of a comfortable stay in nature and impresses with an incredibly stylish and modern design. The case is made of high-quality steel, which is not heavy.   The model is equipped with water-resistant pillows and a weather-resistant polyester shade canopy, which keeps the optimal temperature inside the suspended chair and protects from rain and active sunlight. Pillows and mattress can be easily removed from the frame and cleaned in a few minutes. The angle of the legs can be slightly changed for your convenience so that it is better for you to read, do needlework or watch movies. You can choose one of the six colors of the hanging chair and enjoy every minute of your free time spent on this chair.

Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair

Christopher Knight Wicker Teardrop Hanging Chair (under $250)

Our next contender for the title of the best outdoor furniture t is a teardrop-shaped rattan hanging chair. It impresses with its sophistication and gives the feeling that you are in a hollow or a hive. The hanging chair also has water-resistant soft cushions for your convenience. The frame of the model is made of polyethylene rattan, which allows this product to be organically combined with your outdoor decor. This option also has its own installation features. The suspension chair from this manufacturer must be installed at a height of no more than 20 inches above the ground and at a distance of at least 4.5 feet from the walls. It is also advisable to keep a distance of at least 30 inches from any other obstacles. This product does not include a hanging stand or mounting hardware, but they can always be ordered if necessary.

Christopher Knight Home Chair

Sunnydaze Polycotton Hammock Chair with Armrests (under $85)

If you are looking for a more summer and easy option, then you should like this hanging chair with armrests. It is wide enough and has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds (ca. 136 kg). The seat itself and the ropes for hanging are made of comfortable and durable poly cotton, and the design of a soft and comfortable pillow is complemented by a bright striped pattern. The crossbar and armrests are made of solid wood, which allows the suspended chair to serve you for many years and be resistant to water. This stylish model can be used in a variety of places. The chair is easily suspended from the ceiling, a tree, or a hammock stand. The kit does not include a mount, does not include a one-year warranty confirming the quality of the product.

Sunnydaze Polycotton Hammock Chair

Lazy Daze Hammocks Hanging Macrame Chair with Sets of Equipment (under $65)

The main advantage of this product is that its set includes all the necessary parts so that you can quickly and easily install this hanging chair in nature. The structure can be installed on a ceiling, a tree, a shelf or any solid ledge that can withstand your weight. Special attention should also be paid to the macrame grid in a Bohemian style. The chair itself is made of heavy-duty steel pipes and cotton rope, which prevent deformation or dent and are protected from external influences, such as rain or active sun. The hanging chair is sold in black, white and gray colors. If necessary, you can order a stand and fix the chair in the fresh air with it.

Lazy Daze Hammocks Hanging Chair

Y-STOP Hammock Chair (under $70)

Our latest hanging chair is no worse than the others because it also has unique characteristics that you may like. The model can truly be called one of the most durable, since 20 hanging ropes on each side of the chair will help evenly distribute your weight and maintain balance. The seat fabric is made of cotton and polyester, which makes it resistant to stains, tears and weather events. It is also easy to clean and wash. Soft and flexible pillows help you to sit comfortably in an armchair and do your favorite thing. Before the onset of cold weather, it is recommended to wash and dry the chair thoroughly before putting it in a special bag. A convenient and compact option for your patio!

Y-STOP Hammock Chair

Each of the presented options deserves your attention. You just need to understand for yourself which design and characteristics are most preferable for you and for your garden. Choose these hanging chairs and relax in nature in a way you have never done before!