Probably many of you have ever heard about such a phenomenon as mystery boxes. Videos with the unpacking of mystery boxes are increasingly appearing on the Internet, which are gaining millions of views. However, many still wonder what it is. Well, let's figure out together what these boxes are and why they are needed.

Mystery Box is a box containing a surprise. The user buys it at a fixed price without knowing its contents. In its own way, it is an analogue of the kinder surprise toy, but only for adults. The noise about mysterious boxes arose in the cryptocurrency space against the background of the NFT market boom in early 2021. Many companies now produce secret boxes in limited edition, which contain NFTs of different levels of rarity to surprise buyers. However, now the mysterious box has acquired a wider range. Anything can be put in it: from a brick to an expensive smartphone, or corresponding to the subject, for example cosmetics, toys, sweets, food, appliances, clothes, etc. It all depends on the provider.

Of course, there are certain rules that are designed to make the process of acquiring a mysterious box more transparent for the buyer. Firstly, the contents of the product cannot be cheaper than the price that the user paid for the purchase of the box. And secondly, sites offering to purchase mystery boxes must provide information about the server number of the contents of the box so that you have proof that the operation was carried out without a trick. Most often, boxes are bought and opened digitally. Once you've seen what you've come across, you can either send them to your home, or you can exchange them for open boxes again.

The most important problem when choosing a site to purchase mystery box is the problem of choosing a reliable supplier. There are sites that have already earned a good reputation and have a lot of positive feedback from their customers. In this article, we have collected the best platforms for the purchase of mystery boxes, in which you will definitely not be disappointed.

Our first option is the Pinbox website. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which makes working with the site much easier. On the main page, you can find 4 main categories of gifts that can be received in mystery boxes. The cheapest boxes are allocated in a separate category so that you can try your luck. The site allows you to use various payment methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies and others. The provider guarantees that every product you see on the website will be 100% authentic. Each box also contains descriptions, prices, and receipt probabilities for each product, which is very convenient for those who love probability theory. Any product that you don't like or didn't fit, you can easily exchange for money in your account and try your luck again.


One of the most popular and reliable sites for purchasing mystery boxes from popular brands is drop. This provider has already proved itself exclusively from the best side. On the website, you can find detailed instructions on how to get a mystery box. For all new users, one mystery box is provided free of charge. A prize from brands such as Supreme, Nike, Adidas, XBOX, Apple, and others is guaranteed in every box. A great opportunity to get a branded item for a small part of its real value! All drawings of mysterious boxes are 100% honest thanks to their leading technology “Provably Fair”. This means that the company does not have the opportunity to manipulate the result in any way, everything is as honest and transparent as possible. After unpacking your prize, you can arrange home delivery or exchange the goods for credits to purchase the following boxes. The site also has a great offer: for each invited friend, you have a chance to get $7.


HYBE is a great mystery box option with a wide variety and number of boxes that include the best brands such as Gucci, Adidas, and many others. Here you can choose a category you like, for example, “cult classics” or “Premium Sneakers” and try your luck. Winning is guaranteed in any case, however, as soon as you open the box, you will receive exactly one product from it. After unpacking, you can either sell the item back to open more boxes, or order home delivery. The absolute majority of reviews indicate that all products are original and of high quality. In addition to material items, the site also offers mysterious boxes for purchasing upgrades and digital goods for your favorite games. Here, everyone can find what they like!


Another equally interesting option is the Jemlit website. This provider offers approximately 30 different boxes. Here you can find brands starting with Balenciaga or Gucci and ending with Polaroid. To a greater extent, this resource is suitable for the purchase of equipment. The site presents amazing offers of gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptops, and even a home theater kit. You can also win sports products or children's toys. A great option for the whole family! A very simple user interface of the site will help you not to get confused and choose what you need. As in the previous version, you can win only one product, but we vouch for its quality, since the site has almost all positive reviews. In addition, the site offers the cheapest delivery compared to previous options, which is also very important if you decide to pick up your prize.


The mystery boxes from HypeDrop contain physical, in-demand products, from designer labels to supercars, VIP holidays and jewelry. Unpacking takes place virtually, but after you want to pick up your prize, you can easily order delivery. The buyer can view our extensive selection of products and the chances of unpacking each of them before purchasing a specific box. By promoting authenticity through the Provably Fair system, this provider guarantees transparency of all operations and vouches for the quality and speed of processing your request. Once you have created an account, you can explore the HypeDrop range. The starter catalog includes almost all products and brands that you can imagine. And every Friday at 8pm Central European Time, the site releases brand new mystery Boxes, with the hottest products on the market, for your enjoyment.

All sites with Mystery boxes presented in this article are reliable and tested by many users and security systems. However, now there are more and more new options that could also interest you. In this case, you should adhere to three main criteria to understand that the site that you use to purchase Mystery box is safe. First, you should read other users' reviews. It is also worth taking into account the fact that some reviews may be custom-made, so you should not turn only to those sites that have 100% positive reviews. Secondly, check the site for an SSL certificate. If the site has an HTTP extension, then everything is fine with it, and no one can steal your data. And thirdly, check the site for contact information. Decent companies always have contact information.

You should always remember that we offer you the best options for goods and services, so you can safely choose one of the suggested sites for the mystery boxes draw and try your luck right now!