A mattress is used to rest the body during the night or the afternoon nap. It must be comfortable and welcoming. The quality of sleep and the health of your back depends on it. Many models exist on the market. When looking for a mattress, your goal is to get a good night's sleep.

To do this, you must prioritize the comfort and durability of the material. If you still can't decide, we have put together some models that have stood out, to help you choose. We have, among others, Casper Sleep Queen foam mattress, which is comfortable.

Moreover, it has no smell so that you won't have any worries. Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Queen is thicker and comes with a protective cover with zip closure. Simply remove the cover to clean it.

Top 5 Mattresses in 2022

Among so many brands, you wonder which is the best mattress on the market. To help you make a decision, we offer you five models, which we have chosen from among those available. Evaluate each description and find the mattress that will give you a restful sleep.

1. Casper Sleep Queen Foam Mattress

Casper is a company specialized in modern mattresses, adapted to all types of sleeping positions. If you want to know how to choose the best 2022 beds in Canada, you've come to the right place. You will find Casper products only online. Delivery is always in a box, to facilitate transport.

The model presented to us is delivered compressed in a box. This 10-inch queen mattress arrives at your home with a 10-year warranty.

Tested for a long time to bring you full comfort, it is easy to install. It assures you of an unequaled sleep. You will be able to rest without any trouble until the early morning.

Those who have already used it have noticed that it has no annoying odor that could disturb your sleep. This model is suitable for all ages. If you are not satisfied with it, within 100 days you can return it.


Comfortable: This mattress allows you to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

  • Odorless: Allergy sufferers won't be bothered because this model has no odor.
  • Easy to move: It comes in a compact size. You will easily install it on your bed.


  • Hard: Some people have found it a bit hard on their backs.
  • Lack of edge support: If you stand up leaning on the edge, you may become unbalanced.
  • Retains heat: This model keeps the heat in and warms you up during the night.

2. Casper Sleep Essential Queen Mattress

If you're looking for the best brand of mattress, keep on discovering what we have prepared for you. This model of Casper mattress differs from the others by its thickness of 11 inches. Always delivered in a box like the models of the same brand, it is easy to integrate it into your bed.

Of queen size, it has a unique cover, equipped with zip closure. When you need to clean it, just remove this protection and wash it. Once dry, you can put it back on to cover your mattress. The mattress will last even longer.

Comfortable, this model honors the brand to which it belongs. It guarantees a peaceful sleep, far from any disturbance.

It is a stable product, which ensures you a balance in all positions. Even when you stand up, you have a secure support. It is ideal for a person who gets up often during the night.


  • Easy cleaning: The special cover is easy to remove for washing.
  • Comfortable: This model does not escape the legendary comfort of the Casper brand.
  • Stable: It won't throw you off the balance if you lean on the edge.


  • Hole Formation: Over time, a hole can form if you are used to lying in the same place.
  • Rough: This is an unsuitable mattress for a person with a weak back.

3. Natural Mattress 100% organic latex (green apple)

Still, looking for the best mattress? Let's keep discovering. The model that we present to you is intended for lovers of natural products.

Latex is renowned for its anti-mite and anti-fungal properties. It ensures maximum hygiene for the sleeper. Its organic cotton cover adds to its comfort. Sensitive skin has nothing to claim with this model. Goodbye to allergies and other inconveniences.

This mattress is firm and soft at the same time and fits your body perfectly when you sleep. When you get out of bed, it returns to its healthy appearance. It takes care of your back, so you can wake up feeling great the next day.

A mattress with an unlimited guarantee will accompany you throughout your life. This is the case with this single model. You can choose the firmness you prefer.


  • Natural material: Latex and cotton combined in the same product can only provide maximum comfort in use.
  • Unlimited warranty: You don't have to worry about where to buy a new mattress.
  • Welcoming: It's a mattress that hugs the body, providing a comfortable sleep.


  • Heavy: This mattress requires more force to install, given its weight.
  • Challenging to move: This model does not have a point to grip it. This makes it difficult to move the mattress if it has to be moved.

4. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

To know which mattress to choose, it will be necessary to explore all the available technologies. Memory foam has been designed to relieve all the body's sensitive points.

It reacts to the body's heat and envelops you, depending on your position. It brings you comfort by relaxing your muscles, making a natural massage.

The model presented to you has memory foam. This provides you with sufficient well-being while you sleep. Also, it is composed of 12.5 cm of support foam.

This makes the mattress more durable. The green tea system facilitates cooling, to counter the heat produced by your body. Delivered in a box, this Zinus model poses no problem for its installation. The CertiPUR-US certified foam with which it is equipped marks its authenticity.


  • Durable: This authentic model is made to last a long time.
  • Green tea system: This technique provides refreshments throughout the night.
  • Comfortable: The memory foam gives more comfort by conforming to the shape of the body.


  • Warm: As the body heats up against the mattress.
  • Short: Compared to other models, the mattress is shorter.
  • Too compressed: After unpacking, the mattress takes time to return to its standard shape because of the firm compression.

5. ViscoLogic Maxima Comfort Foldable foam mattress

In this comparison, we offer you another mattress model that stands out for its natural comfort. Equipped with a quilted organic cotton foam, it is made for those who want to get a good night's sleep. It will make you forget your worries of the day and prepare you for the next day.

This double-sided model can be returned every three months. This gives you a new mattress every time. It is suitable for all types of supports. Whatever the material of your bed, it adapts without deteriorating over time.

A 6-inch luxury mattress, this twin model comes in a box. When unpacking it, you will not smell any unpleasant odor. The quilted foam ensures you a serenity that you will not be able to compare with other models. You feel good, whatever your position in the bed.


  • Double-sided: It is possible to use both sides of the mattress, by turning it over every three months.
  • For all supports: This model adapts to the material of your bed.
  • Comfortable: The quilted foam provides an unforgettable comfort during sleep.


Hole: Over time, you leave a hollow in the place where you lie down every day.

  • Firm compression: Compressed during packing, it takes time for it to regain its average thickness.
  • Not for heavyweights: It is better to avoid it for overweight people.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Mattress?

Your current mattress has been used a lot; it often makes you uncomfortable, especially when you need it the most. It's time to find another one seriously. Then you want to know where to buy the best mattress. It's possible to have a good model that will last a long time. Follow the guide.


Sleep helps you recharge and prepare for another day full of challenges. That's why it's essential to choose the best mattress. Comfort is the first criterion to take into account. There are soft models available that hug your body from the moment you go to sleep. You feel the softness enveloping you, and you feel good.

You may, however, find yourself in a hole as your weight is put on the mattress. If there are two of you in the same bed, the heavier one of you can pull the other towards it. This would make the situation more uncomfortable.

Other models are harder, and in this buying guide for the best mattresses, we explain everything in detail. This firmness can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your preferences. The harder mattress helps support the spine. It allows you to sleep straight while preserving your back. It is suitable for younger people who are still growing. For an older person's old bones, it would create discomfort. The average mattress is in between. It offers more comfort and balance in a double bed.


The size of the mattress is not to be neglected if you are looking for the best mattress. Whether you need a single or double bed, choose the right size for each person. The standard size for a single mattress is 90×190 cm. If you're alone, and you're of average height, you'll be comfortable with this length. If you're rather tall, prefer a single mattress of 200 cm. However, you will need to have a bed that fits these measurements.

In case you have difficulties in finding a model of your size, it is possible to order custom-made. A price comparator will help you with this. Usually, the mattress should be at least 15 cm larger than your size. Otherwise, your feet may hang out of the bed. This is not a comfortable position until the morning.

A double mattress usually measures 140×190 cm. Choose according to the size of the bigger of the two of you. There are models of 160×200 cm if you want more space. There are even three-person mattresses if you have a double bed and like to sleep without being disturbed by your partner. This is not the ideal size if you prefer to stay close together.

The right material and technology

If you want to buy the right mattress, don't forget to consider the material with which it was made. This is important for a comfortable sleep, and your health in general. Foam mattresses are the most common. It adapts to your morphology while providing the comfort you need. Compared to the price, it is the most affordable.

Another material that stands out is latex, which offers more ventilation to the mattress. It is the preferred material for sensitive people. Latex has the advantage of killing bacteria on contact. It acts as a barrier to dust mites that find no opportunity to multiply. Latex mattresses are, therefore, a friend to allergy sufferers. If you or your child belongs to this group, choose this material.

Maybe you have a mattress that doesn't satisfy you, and you want to replace it so you can sleep soundly. You want to know where to buy a new mattress. Other manufacturing technologies are available to help you sleep better.

Pocket springs provide independence and balance in the use of a mattress. It's a technique that consists of supporting weight on one side without influencing the other hand. It is the ideal model if you are in a couple, and one of you moves around a lot in your sleep. The memory foam mattress is another technology that hugs your body and follows you in all your positions during the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I clean a mattress?

To clean a mattress, with a cheaper product, you have the choice between ammonia, white vinegar, baking soda. You will have to take a container with water and pour the product you have chosen. Using a glove soaked in this mixture, gently rub your mattress, insisting on stains and in every nook and cranny. Take another clean glove, immerse it in clear water, and after wringing it out, use it to rinse. Finally, dry the mattress with a dry glove. It is best to do all this in the morning and put the sheets back on in the evening before going to bed.

Q2: How do I disinfect a mattress?

First of all, the mattress should be cleaned and stains, if any, should be removed. After washing, follow our tips for disinfecting it. Take six large spoonfuls of hot water, two spoonfuls of baking soda, and eight drops of tea tree essential oil. Pour everything into a spray bottle and shake to mix well. Spray the mattress with this product. Be sure to reach all surfaces. Then let it dry completely before replacing your sheets. You can also use lemon essential oil or white vinegar.

Q3: How do I get rid of dust mites in a mattress?

The natural product to get rid of dust mites is baking soda. It is always best to clean before putting the product on. Sprinkle it directly on the mattress and leave it on for at least two hours. Then, using a clean washcloth, remove the rest of the product. You can also use the juice of two lemons, mixed with 1.5 liters of water and a few drops of essential oil. This should be sprayed on the mattress. Soak a glove with the same essential oil to wipe the bed at the end.

Q4: How to remove an old urine stain on a mattress?

We will still use cheap baking soda to remove the old urine stain. If it is already dry, wet it slightly. Put the product on and leave it on for a few minutes—vacuum to remove the baking soda. Repeat the operation until the traces disappear entirely. You can spray a little white vinegar to remove any remaining urine smell. Then air the room to allow the mattress to dry thoroughly.

Q5: How do I clean a mattress with baking soda?

Baking soda helps to clean the mattress and free it from dust mites and other parasites. While you're at it, you can add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to disinfect and purify it. Place the mattress in a place where you can quickly turn it over, preferably outside. This would be better for ventilation and drying. Spread the product over the mattress and leave it to rest for an hour. Turn over to do the other side and repeat the same process.

Q6: How do I deodorize a mattress?

It is always advisable to clean the mattress before starting any other operation. Be aware that deodorizing last an entire night, so plan another way to sleep. The most practical recipe is to take your washing powder and sprinkle it on your mattress. Spread it evenly and leave it overnight so that the product works deep down. In the morning, remove the product residue with the vacuum cleaner or with a dry glove soaked in a few drops of essential oil.