Skateboarding has become one of the iconic activities of this century. Now it is an integral part of the youth culture, but even the older generation shows interest in this sport. A lot of people prefer longboards to regular skateboards, because they are more stable and durable in comparison with skateboards. If you love to skate or want to learn from scratch, then especially for you and everyone, we have prepared a selection of the best longboards at an affordable price. Here we are with our TOP 5 offers of this year.

1. Hana Longboard Collection Skateboard ($119.99)

Hana Longboard Collection Skateboard

This 36-inch model is perfect for those who love a fast but smooth ride. The longboard meets all the requirements of an intelligent skater and is sure to be a good start for those who have just discovered the world of skateboarding.


- Pintail shape. The 9.5-inch deck is provided to maintain great maneuverability and simple control during the cruise.

- Subtle W-concave. This shape allows you to hold it steady on the board, despite the fact that the recesses are not large enough to restrict movement.

- Aluminum trucks. They are installed to create an angle of 50 degrees.

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2. FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch Longboard Skateboard ($59.99)

FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch Downhill Longboard Skateboard

This option is universal and will serve as a great gift for any occasion. The longboard is made of durable and durable materials. The design and characteristics of the skateboard are designed for basic and standard tricks.


- Durability. The board is made of first-class Canadian maple, and the 8-layer structure allows it to serve for many years.

- Easy to manage. The wheels are made of chrome-plated steel and soft bushings for a very smooth ride.

-  Design. The inner surface of the longboard can be made in different designs. The pothole is very wide and modern.

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3. Seething 42 Inch Longboard Skateboard ($65.99)

Seething 42-Inch Longboard Skateboard

This 42-inch offer is a perfect option not only for cruising but for slalom and dancing as well. The deck is very durable and can withstand riders up to 330lbs! The board surface is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple.


-         Smooth wheels. The structure of the wheels and the board itself allow cruising on any landscape.

-         Waterproof surface. The deck is made of smooth but steady materials that produce the grip effect and protect the skater from falling.

-         Maneuverability. The longboard is quite light and sturdy at the same time that makes it easy to change the angle and do the tricks.

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4. Playshion Longboard Skateboard ($69.99)

Playshion Longboard Skateboard

If we speak about freestyle and tricks, this option is just for that! Moreover, the board is also recommended for those who have just started their skateboarding career. Light and elegant, a longboard like this will suit any occasion and you will never stay unnoticed.


-         Durability. For a skateboard that is designed for tricks and cool maneuvers, this option is quite resistant (up to 250lbs).

-         Big wheels. Large and reliable 70 mm wheels help to make the cruise smoother and safer.

-         Low to ground feature. This fact makes the model appropriate for children and beginners.

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5. APOLLO Longboard Skateboard ($119.04)

APOLLO Longboard Skateboard

Last, but not least, is the premium skateboard from APOLLO. The 36-inch deck allows gaining better maneuverability in comparison to larger models. The board is also made of high-quality durable maple with 8 layers of construction.


-         Symmetrical Twin Tip. Such a shape allows boosting your skills at speed riding and downhill riding games.

-         Low center of gravity. This characteristic is important to admit when you are looking for a board for long-term trips. Is highly recommended for children and women.

-         Speed Bearings. They make the ride precise and stable. In addition, while using the longboard, they are protected from dirt and damage, which increases their service life.

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Now you know which longboards are definitely worth buying if you plan to start longboarding or look for a new longboard. Enjoy your favorite activity with quality skate products!