A kitchen scale is an irreplaceable device. Using them, you can cook even according to the most complex recipes, measuring the products as accurately as possible. In addition, the device will be useful for those who keep figure and count calories. If earlier we measured everything with improvised means – spoons, glasses, etc., today such a need has disappeared. If you have a kitchen scale at hand, there will be no problems with weighing the ingredients. You can clearly control the proportions, calorie content, keep a food diary and cook like a real chef. But in order for them to become really indispensable helpers in the kitchen, you need to choose them correctly. That is why we have prepared this top 5, in which we have collected the best devices according to consumers.

1. Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale (under $10)

Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Food Kitchen Scale

These kitchen scales have earned the highest ratings of users. It is a convenient device with a wide variety of functions and a stylish design. The body of the scale is made of stainless steel, it is durable and wear-resistant. The glossy surface is easy to wipe off dirt, no fingerprints remain on it. There is a backlit display on the body, which clearly shows the weight of the products. You can choose one of five units of measurement and use a tare function. The scale can be used to weigh liquids. They are as accurate as possible – the error is 1 g.

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2. GotoMoto Food Scale (under $10)

GotoMoto Multifunction Digital Food Kitchen Scale - grams and ounce

A budget representative of our top 5. They are made of tempered glass. The control panel is touch-sensitive. There is a display, options for resetting tare, zeroing. The maximum load is 5 kg, auto shut-off is also present. Users complain that they are not as accurate as the manufacturer claims. The difference of 2-3 grams is always present, although this is not critical for everyone.

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3. RENPHO Kitchen Scale (under $25)

RENPHO Smart Food Kitchen Scale with Nutrition Calculator and LED Display

Ultra-thin scales that can be synchronized with a mobile application. They indicate not only the weight, but also the caloric content of the product. Ideal for healthy lifestyles and athletes. Calories can be summed up directly in the program to get the nutritional value of the finished dish. The scales also have a tare function. Suitable for the most accurate measurements. The platform is made of glass, the body is made of plastic, so you should not count on special strength.

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4. Etekcity Food Kitchen Bowl Scale (under $20)

Etekcity Digital Food Kitchen Bowl Scale with Backlit Display - ounces & grams

There is a bowl in the design. The body is made of plastic. The scale with a tare function and an auto shut-off. There are also 5 units of measurement – these are g, ml, fl’oz, lb:oz, oz. It is easy to measure the weight of liquid and bulk products. The bowl can be used as a cover for the scales to keep the device compact. Users note only one drawback – it will not be possible to weigh too small portions of products on them. They simply do not show the weight.

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5. Digital Food Scale (under $20)

Nicewell Digital Food Kitchen Scale Weight with 1g/0.1oz Precise Graduation

The scales are quite advanced. The surface of the device is glossy and resistant to dirt. The maximum load is 10 kg, that is, even watermelons can be measured. But, unfortunately, it will not work, since you will not put bulky products or large containers on them – the display will close. There is a tarocompensation function. There is also an indication of the battery charge. In addition, the scale is travel-friendly.

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Buyer’s guide

1. Container

A bowl or a platform can act as a container. Both types have their advantages. The bowl is convenient for the sequential addition of bulk and liquid products (for example, for kneading dough), the platform has wider possibilities, since it is possible to put a large product on it, and put a bowl with dough or liquid.

2. Upper limit of weighing

This is the maximum weight of the product that certain scales are able to weigh. It varies from 2 to 15 kg for different models.

3. Weighing error

The accuracy of weighing is extremely important for the making of pastries and complex gourmet dishes. The best electronic scales have the error of 1-2 g, mechanical ones – from 10 to 50 g.