The hammock is ideal for relaxing, reading or cooling off outside. This piece is available in different brands, designs and prices allowing everyone to find the model adapted to their budget and needs. To save you time, we have selected the best hammocks of the moment in this classification, including Vivere UHSDO9-20 Combo entirely designed with cotton to offer users a right level of comfort and ease of use. Sorbus Sorbier  Large Brazilian Hammock stands out for its excellent practicality. It is suitable for people of all ages and is not bulky at all.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Hammock?

You would like to buy a new hammock in comparison, but don't know which one to choose? To help you with your purchase, we offer various tips to help you choose your equipment and optimize your comfort in this buying guide for the best hammocks. Zoom on the purchase criteria not to be neglected.

The use and the different models available

It is necessary to define the use of your hammock to find the best bed of the moment. There is a wide range of models on the market, making a choice difficult at times. To determine which one meets your criteria, you must ask yourself specific questions. For example, do you want a hammock that is easy to carry, a retractable model or a decorative item?

As for the different models, you can direct your choice towards a nomadic hammock or a stationary model. The so-called nomadic hammock is equipped with ropes that allow you to attach it. So you can easily install or uninstall it at any time. It is not cumbersome, so it is easy to transport. Some nomadic hammocks are equipped with bars to improve its comfort of use. They are machine washable.

The so-called sedentary hammock, on the other hand, bears a strong resemblance to a garden bed and is perfect for relaxing with friends. It is characterized by its self-supporting structure, optimizing its stability and comfort level. If you are looking for a decorative model, the stationary hammock will undoubtedly seduce you.

The dimensions of the hammock for optimal comfort

To enjoy an ultra-comfortable hammock, take its size into account. It is advisable to opt for a full model allowing your body to position itself well. Therefore, you should choose this equipment according to the recipient. For example, hammocks with a width less than or equal to 100 cm are recommended for young children and babies.

If you are looking for a hammock for one person, the idea is to invest in a model that is about 140 cm wide. Items measuring between 140 and 190 cm are ideal for two people. Those over 190 cm can accommodate three people. If you choose a chair hammock, the width of the hammock is usually between 100 and 160 cm.

In addition to the size, you should also pay attention to its load capacity. An excellent hammock should be able to support your body comfortably. In general, hammocks weighing up to 150 kg are perfect if you are looking for equipment for one person. The 200 kg models are ideal for two adults in a sitting position or a child and an adult.

The 250 kg hammocks guarantee a right level of comfort and safety and are ideal for two adults. Finally, hammocks weighing more than 250 kg can accommodate three people. For the cost, don't hesitate to use a price comparator to find a model to suit your budget.

Manufacturing materials

To know which is the best hammock on the market, you have to take into account the raw material used. It determines the robustness, strength and solidity of the hammock as well as its ease of maintenance. Depending on your preference, this equipment can be composed of different cloths or ropes.

You can find cotton hammocks in shops. There are even models made from organically grown cotton. This is the most commonly used material. This fabric is also used to make net hammocks. Cotton products are characterised by their absorbency and softness to the touch. Also, they are more durable and easy to care for. You can find them in various colours.

Nylon models are also available. This synthetic textile is commonly used to design travel hammocks, but also net models. It is characterized by its high flexibility, fineness and lightness. This makes it easy to store and transport your hammock. It is, therefore, the material to be preferred if you need equipment that promises you a minimum of bulk. In addition to its softness and resistance, a nylon hammock dries quickly.

You can also opt for a polyester hammock. This fabric is known to be resistant to water, UV and mould. It is also very elastic. The polyester canvas model is recommended if you plan to hang your hammock outside during the summer. Some brands also offer hammocks combining polyester and cotton for better satisfaction of use.

The 5 Best Hammocks of 2022

It is not always easy to make a choice when faced with the diversity of hammocks available on the market. After comparing the different models offered by the current brands, we present those whose characteristics could correspond in every respect to the needs and expectations of users.

1. Vivere UHSDO9-20 Combo

How to choose the best hammocks in 2022? A question that all hammock lovers are faced with due to the diversity of brands and models on the market.

Among the most popular hammocks of the moment, Vivere Double Hammock is one of the top quality hammocks. You can use this model to improve your daily comfort and as an outdoor decoration accessory.

This double hammock is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun and fresh air. It is 330 cm long, giving you enough space to position your body comfortably. This model can support up to 204 kg. It can accommodate two adults.

This hammock is available in cotton or polyester. It is the best of our selection. It is resistant, flexible, easy to maintain and very aesthetic. For less space, it is delivered with a carrying bag and a user manual.


  • Comfort of use: The dimensions of this hammock allow you to relax comfortably outside on sunny days with friends or lovers.
  • Materials of manufacture: Resistant, easy to clean and soft to the touch, these canvases are suitable for all seasons.
  • Carrying bag: To avoid any clutter, this item comes with a carrying bag. You can take it everywhere.


  • Length: Its 330 cm seems to be a little too long. Therefore, it is not easy to install it, especially if space is lacking. On the other hand, these extra centimetres reduce its level of comfort.

2. Sorbus Mountain Big Brazilian Hammock

How can I buy a better value hammock? Pay attention to the different buying criteria and your budget. This way, you will be able to orientate your choice towards a model that suits you like this Sorbus model. It has all the characteristics of a high-quality model combining comfort, practicality and aesthetics.

It is undoubtedly the best brand of a hammock in the trade today. Indeed, this model is suitable for people of all ages. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can, for example, install it in your garden to enjoy the summer breeze. All year round, your body can relax in the peace of this large bed.

Very comfortable, this model combines cotton and polyester allowing you to benefit from the advantages of these two materials, including their flexibility, resistance, ease of maintenance and softness. This hammock chair with a timeless design is easy to install.


  • Comfort of use: Thanks to its length, this equipment allows you to adopt various positions and relax in all seasons.
  • Convenience: In addition to its high level of comfort, this multi-purpose item can be installed in your home or garden.
  • Easy care:Made from quality fabrics, including cotton and polyester, it is easy to clean. Resistant and flexible, it is not likely to degrade when washed.


  • Design:As taste differs in terms of aesthetics, its design in blue and green stripes does not always appeal to hammock lovers.

3. Ohuhu Double Hammock with removable pillow

You have targeted the different hammocks that meet your requirements. Now you just need to find out where you can buy a new hammock in your price range.

Among the models accessible to all budgets, the Ohuhu brand double hammock with removable pillow offers excellent satisfaction to users.

This model is entirely made of bamboo fabric. It is remarkably soft and comfortable. You can lie down or sit comfortably in it. For optimal comfort, this beautiful hammock is equipped with detachable curved bamboo bars. This allows you to uninstall it in record time.

It is a strong and sturdy hanging hammock. It is ideal for a moment of relaxation with friends or family. You can arrange it in your garden or your home. Thanks to the robustness of its hooks, you can install it without fear of falling.


  • Versatility: It can be installed outdoors and indoors, allowing you to use it all year round.
  • Comfort of use: For a pleasant moment with family or friends, this model offers ample space allowing you to relax and position yourself comfortably.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to the hooks delivered with this double hammock, you can easily hang it on a tree. The brackets are also suitable.


  • Length: As this hammock has to be hung on two ends, it is not always easy to install it because of its length. It requires the use of dedicated supports.

4. Kinden Rope hammock

Once the different characteristics of your next purchase are well defined, you will easily know where to buy the best hammock in Canada. This macramé item is one of the most beloved models by hammock lovers.

This cotton model is handmade. Fabric is known to be absorbent and easy to care for. Soft to the touch, this raw material is a guarantee of the quality of this hanging hammock.

It promises you a high level of comfort and safe use. This textile is one of the most durable materials used in the manufacture of hammocks.

On the design side, the chic and bohemian style of this hanging hammock chair will delight you. It is ideal for bringing a touch of originality to the decoration of your home. The pattern in macramé with fringes of the strings and the swing that accompany it enhances its elegance.


  • Comfort of use: The level of comfort it offers is such that it is suitable for all ages. Adults and children alike will find pleasure in taking a nap, reading or simply relaxing on this cotton hammock.
  • Multipurpose: This hanging hammock can decorate your interior and exterior. You can install it in the garden, courtyard, terrace, etc.
  • Design: Noble and pure, this hammock will add sparkle and a decorative touch to your interior or exterior decoration.


  • Accessories: Chains and hooks are not included. Cushions must also be purchased separately.

5. Aqua Leisure Monterey Pool Float

You are looking for a comfortable model that can be used on a daily basis, but don't know which hammock to choose. We recommend this Aqua-Leisure pool float. In addition to its very reasonable price, this equipment is easy to use and safe.

It is the perfect accessory for a relaxing moment with family, friends or alone. It has a 4 in 1 inflatable system making it practical and straightforward to use. Versatile, you can transform it into an exercise saddle, a hammock or a deck chair. Enough to enrich your activity every day.

Thanks to its Coolwave fabric, you will enjoy floating comfortably in your pool. What's more, this inflatable hammock inflates and deflates thanks to the DuoLock inflation system easily.

As a result, you can carry it everywhere without taking up a lot of space. This model is designed for people over 15 years old and can support up to 100 kg.


  • Multifunction: Without hesitation, this equipment is recommended for anyone who likes to spend time in the pool to relax on the water or do sports.
  • Comfortable: The satisfaction of use is remarkable because of the quality of the Coolweave fabric.
  • Easy to use: The fact that it is equipped with a DuoLock inflation system makes it very practical and easy to handle.
  • Value for money:This is the cheapest hammock in our selection. It offers very good value for money.


  • Valve: Its opening is a little too wide making it difficult to close after inflation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I make a hammock?

Choose the fabric adapted to your creation. You can choose natural materials such as hemp and cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. Cut the fabric into one piece, 225 cm long and 130 cm wide, and hem it 1.5 cm on both sides. Install the eyelets on both ends of the canvas, taking care to calculate the distance between each hole.

To do this :

- Place your template and make sure that each marker coincides with the central tags.

- Draw circles on the canvas using the shape of a grommet.

- Use a chisel to cut out the middle of the ring while marking the centre of your ring on the side and top.

- Place your eyelets by placing the female part under the canvas and clipping the male role.

- Leave a mark of 26 cm for each hole.

- Install a 1 m long rope between the eyelets, moving back and forth between the bottom and top of the fabric.

- Repeat on each end and finish with a knot.

Q2: How do I hang a hammock?

You can hang it on your ceiling at the height of 2.5m with a 5m space between the fixing points. Adjust the length of the ropes to get the right curve. Also, make sure your ceiling is solid. The hammock can also be hung on a solid beam.

It is also possible to hang a hammock between two solid walls. However, you must equip yourself with high-quality dowels and materials and respect a height of 2 m for the spacing of 4 m. For example, you install hooks in the wall. Then you fix your hammock to them.

Q3: How to install a hammock between two trees?

To install a hammock between two trees, you must respect a distance of 2.70 m to 2.90 m between the two hooking points. Depending on the size of your equipment, its height should be between 1.60 m and 2.90 m. Make sure that the minimum score is at 40 or 50 cm. It should not be too taut for optimum comfort.

Q4: How do I inflate an inflatable hammock?

To inflate an inflatable hammock, avoid making circular movements on the bag or yourself. The best solution is to take it out of the bag and unfold it to remove the folds. And then..:

- Stretch out the hammock.

- Open the pockets and run in a straight line.

- Shake it to capture the air.

- Quickly close the pockets when the hammock is inflated.

Q5: What rope for a hammock?

In general, 4 m of rope to be installed on each side. 5m strings are recommended if the weight is critical. It is best to opt for a non-stretch line. Therefore, ropes dedicated to mountaineering should be banned. Instead, opt for a 5 mm thick halyard or a polychanvre rope.