As a child, everyone dreamed of celebrating Halloween by watching movies, listening to scary, but such interesting stories. The most frightening and tempting holiday is already knocking on our doors, which means we need to start decorating soon! After all, witches and ghosts, zombies and mummies will not wait. We have not been children for a long time, and the desire for a holiday has not gone anywhere, so in this collection we have collected the most suitable decorations for both a fun feast and for the whole house. Let Halloween begin!

WBHome Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin Patch Family Decoration (under $60)

What is an autumn holiday without the main symbol? Inflatable set consisting of 7 cute pumpkins. We have chosen an option that does not frighten children so much. A lightweight, easy-to-use set that includes internal LED light bulbs creates a beautiful interior at night. If you want to install on the street, then the kit includes all the necessary equipment, namely a power cord, grounding stakes, fastening ropes and even sandbags. With such a set, you will definitely not go unnoticed! Self-inflates in a minute and is ready to scare your guests right away! From the little ones to the older ones.

WBHome 8 Ft Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin Patch Family Decoration

Dracula's Candelabra (under $20)

Do not forget about the small details, as they create the mood of the holiday! The chandelier is perfect for decorating your table and any room. Imagine that it is a candle stand that you walk around the huge castle of Dracula with! The set includes 3 candles and a control button. It runs on batteries, but they don't come with the kit. Light enough and convenient to carry. The black candelabra will perfectly fit any theme of your frightening holiday, and the skulls will complement and enhance the effect of horror. Even Dracula himself approves! It remains to gather guests and enjoy the party like in the castle full of vampires.

Haunted Candelabra Prop

Coogam 60PCS Halloween Bats Decoration (under $15)

A bat must be in your set of interior decorations. A simple and convenient way of decoration. Thanks to the sticker on the back side, it can be on any surface from the bathroom to the outdoor part of your chosen room. Different size and shape will help you create a beautiful effect of an abandoned house or even a cave. And the water resistance allows you to use them again and again, even in places of high humidity. You don't have to worry about safety, nothing will happen to them. The main advantage is their number. A great way to keep children busy preparing for the holiday.

Coogam 60PCS Halloween Bats Decoration

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66-pound Copper Garlands (under $20)

Not enough light? Use the garland! There is an opinion that such an option of decoration is outdated or looks unattractive, we do not think so. On the contrary, it is a super solution for interior decoration. In addition to Halloween, the garland will stay with you for the New Year, and for any other party. You can choose either a warm or cold lighting option, and its length allows you to decorate the whole wall! Remote control, 8 modes will make your holiday really bright! Hang photos or paper decorations on the right theme on it, and it will immediately sparkle with other colors. A universal decor option for those who do not want to bother with the design. We definitely recommend it!

Twinkle Star 200 LED

HEMOTON 35 Pack Halloween Decorations Tablecloth Set (under $15)

We made sure that the festive table was as beautiful as ever! A set of tablecloths and stickers included will make Halloween terrifying and memorable. Add black dishes and napkins with a pattern, and your table is ready. The guests will not ignore your efforts. The tablecloth made of polyester will serve you for more than one holiday, it is convenient to fold it without fear that it will spoil. And there are not enough stickers with bats, it's better to do a lot than to be sad because of their shortage. We will definitely not allow you to be sad, so we recommend this set with all responsibility!

HEMOTON 35 Pack Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a wonderful holiday, atmospheric, albeit with a touch of pleasant horror. We hope our selection will be able to make both your mood and attitude towards All Saints' Day better. Pumpkins, monsters, food of strange shapes and sizes, costumes and a beautiful interior, and most importantly, a cheerful mood is the key to a perfect Halloween.