Finger Skateboard Ramps for Kids are nothing more than miniature copies of real skate parks. You can perform the same tricks on it, but instead of legs – fingers. You just need to assemble the ramp on the table or on the floor and play! Note: if your child craves extreme sensations and asks you for a skate, and you are worried about his health (skateboarding is still one of the most dangerous sports) – first buy him a fingerboard. The mini-board will completely capture your child, and you don’t have to worry, because the only danger when riding a toy skateboard is the possibility of breaking the fingerboard. In this article, we offer the top 5 mini finger skateboard ramps, which will be an original gift for your child.

1. STASHABLES, Finger Skateboard Ramp Set (under $30)

A budget kit of 16 items, including skateboards, ramps, scooters, skates, bicycles and roller skates. The ramp is easily and quickly assembled and disassembled. Manufacturing material: high-quality ABS plastic, metal, paper. The materials are 100% safe and durable. Having learned how to do basic tricks correctly, your child will get no less pleasure than riding a regular skateboard, and the compactness and safety of the fingerboard allow him to ride all year round, almost anywhere.

Finger Skateboard Ramp Set

2. TECH DECK, Jump N’ Grind X-Connect Park Creator, Customizable and Buildable Ramp Set with Exclusive Fingerboard (under $15)

Tech Deck is a leading manufacturer of fingerboards and their parts. This corporation was the first to use the idea of creating a “fingerboard”, taking advantage of the epidemic of skateboarding around the world. Now Tech Deck produces high-quality decks made of wood and plastic, suspensions and their components (shock absorbers), wheels, usually made of polyurethane or plastic. In general, everything is like real skateboards. The mini-skates have an original design.

TECH DECK, Jump N' Grind X-Connect Park Creator, Customizable and Buildable Ramp Set with Exclusive Fingerboard

3. GoldenPlayer, 8PCS Finger Skate Park Kit (under $35)

This skatepark from GoldenPlayer is easy to install and assemble thanks to the detailed instructions – any child himself will cope. The parts are beautifully molded, modular and they can be assembled in different configurations without any problems, so that the child will definitely not get bored. Your child you will be able not only to hone the technique of tricks, but also to develop a creative approach to skating.

GoldenPlayer, 8PCS Finger Skate Park Kit

4. KETIEE, Finger Skateboard Ramps Toys (under $30)

6 in 1 mini finger ultimate park exactly repeats a real sports instrument. Everything is like a real skate: a non-slip grip, replaceable wheels, an original design of a plastic soundboard. Try moving the skateboard with your fingers. We’ll tell you, it’s extremely difficult. But do not despair. Having mastered various tricks, videos of which can be found on the Internet, one can impress your friends.

KETIEE, Finger Skateboard Ramps Toys

5. FESSKY, Finger Board 8pcs Skate Park Skate Park Kit (under $30)

With this kit, one can create your own fingerboard with a unique design. The set has a suspension and wheels, as well as everything you need to assemble a fingerboard. The deck is made of plastic, and the metal suspension is a miniature copy of the original running skate with adjustment, bushings and removable wheels. The kit is suitable for both an absolute beginner and an amateur fingerboarder.

FESSKY, Finger Board 8pcs Skate Park Skate Park Kit