To quit smoking, switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes is the most effective method. This article aims to inform you about how the e-cigarette works, the gestures you should adopt, and it's maintenance. The advantages and disadvantages of each format will also be mentioned in this guide.

By reading it, the electronic cigarette will no longer have any secrets for you. Equipped with only one control button, the Apollo Airvape XS Go Portable is very easy to use. Conversely, Boundless Technology without Limits CFX features a multitude of controls as well as a 1.7" TFT screen.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Vaporizer?

When buying your first model, it's best to go through a buying guide for the best electronic cigarettes. It is in these articles that the sites where to buy them will be mentioned.

The design of the case

The case can be in the form of a Pod, a tube, or a box. Most new generation vaporizers are in Pod format. Compact, this last one allows us to vaporize nicotine salts or CBD. These cigarettes are also suitable for e-liquid containing a high level of nicotine and a small amount of vegetable glycerine.

Due to their design, the Pods will not require a high-capacity battery or even a high-performance resistance. This explains its small size. Besides, the purchase of a Pod will cost you less than a cigarette in a tube or a box. You only have to look at a price comparator to realize it.

Because of its tubular shape, an electronic cigarette tube fits easily into a pocket. Generally, they are equipped with a rechargeable battery and a cleomizer. The latter can be fixed or detachable. Easy to handle, no adjustment will be necessary. In fact, its battery is capable of self-regulating, so the user can fully enjoy his cigarette without worrying about the power ranges.

Taking its name from the shape of its battery, an electronic cigarette box is similar to a box. Usually, this variant will be bulkier than other formats. This is due to the capacity of its battery and the number of accumulators it can hold. On the other hand, these cigarettes have very long autonomy and work efficiently. Before choosing a particular cigarette, consider comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each format.

Battery life

The battery capacity is expressed in mAh. The higher the value above it, the better. That said, investing in a cigarette at 2500 mAh is not advisable, especially when you are an occasional smoker. If we took this scenario, a battery of 1500 mAh would be more than enough. A battery of 1500 to 2500 mAh is intended for moderate smokers. Above 2500 mAh, the model in question is designed for heavy smokers.

In case you are not aware of it, you should know that there are cigarettes that are powered by batteries. These are large rechargeable batteries. The advantage of this technology is, above all, the autonomy of the vaporizer, which becomes unlimited. Indeed, the user will be able to vaporize several days in a row if he has charged batteries in reserve.


Without the resistance, an E-cigarette will not work. This part is installed at the cleomizer or tank and will change the quantity of the vapor. A setting of more than 1 Ohm will offer a soft and favorable for indirect inhalation. For the steam to be indirectly or directly inhaled, adjust the resistance value between 0.5 and 1 Ohm.

Below 0.5 Ohm, you will get a direct vapor that can be inhaled immediately. The performance of your electronic cigarette will vary according to the number of resistors it incorporates. Also, prefer models with dual resistors. By following our guide, you will know how to choose the best electronic cigarettes of 2022.

The 5 Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2022

In this comparison, you will find not only quality products but also the link to the page where to buy a new electronic cigarette. Each model will correspond to a well-defined user profile. To make the right choice, simply read the description of each item.

1. Apollo Airvape XS Go Portable

To determine which electronic cigarette to choose, check the capacity of the battery it is equipped with and the materials it is made of. Operating on a 1200 mAh battery, it can last a whole day. Also, note that the XS Go has an oval-shaped ceramic oven.

Well thought out, its operation is based on conduction and convection heating. This ensures that the dry grass is vaporized evenly. This alone makes the XS Go the best in its class. The light, all-plastic housing weighs only 141 g. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, this electronic cigarette is easy to handle.

Adjustable, Apollo has established more than five temperature settings that have been correctly calibrated. For your convenience, this model has only one control knob and an indicator light. In terms of accessories, this cigarette will be delivered with a cleaning kit and a USB cable.


  • No chemicals: The smoke you inhale will not contain chemicals that could harm your health.
  • Light Weight: Weighing just 150g, this electronic cigarette is light in weight.
  • Easy to clean: The cleaning kit provided by Apollo is both complete and functional.
  • No aftertaste: Unlike a traditional cigarette, the XS Go tastes better.


  • Difficult to inhale: The steam produced by the cigarette remains challenging to inhale.

2. Boundless Technology CFX

Since the vaporizer has become very trendy, many people ask how to buy an electronic cigarette with better value for money.

Equipped with an 80 Watt oven, this model heats up in less than 20 seconds. As a reminder, its operation is based on a hybrid conduction and convection heating system.

Also, note that the combustion chamber is made of ceramic. Benefiting from haptic feedback and an excellent level of insulation, the user will be immediately informed when the cigarette has reached its operating temperature. Despite its lightweight of 454 g, the case is still excellent. It is entirely black and measures 120*70*30 mm.

Modern, this model is equipped with a 1.7-inch TFT screen. As for its power supply, this item is fitted with a 2500 mAh battery, which has an autonomy of 15 sessions. Being a better electronic cigarette, its purchase includes a multitude of accessories.


  • A good taste: This cigarette is a true reference in the field of aromatherapy. This would not be possible without the limitless technology developed by the manufacturer.
  • Easy to adjust: Unlike what the competition offers, this article incorporates two control buttons dedicated to setting the temperature ranges.
  • Robust: The materials used in its manufacture are of excellent quality.
  • Fast: You want to know where to buy the best electronic cigarette? Know that it rises very quickly in temperature.


  • Inhalation of steam: To inhale steam, do not hesitate to force it in. Dirty: Without a screen protector, the TFT monitor gets dirty quite quickly.

3. Green Fire Tech Origin

What is the best electronic cigarette on the market? The answer to this question will depend on each user's profile and expectations. Resistant to shocks and scratches, the case of this model is made of metal. Nevertheless, it has a weight of 120 g.

Regarding its dimensions, this cigarette is 12 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 2.5 cm thick. Practical, the capacity of the ceramic chamber is 600 mg.

In terms of settings, note that its temperature range is between 356 and 428 °F. In all, this device integrates five temperature levels from the lowest to the highest. To select one, simply press the control button located at the end of the cigarette.

Apart from black, this model is also available in grey. In case you still doubt its effectiveness, we would like to remind you that Green Fire is a better brand of electronic cigarettes.


  • Large capacity: Despite its small size, this product has a large combustion chamber. Because the air duct is perfectly insulated, the steam it produces is much more critical.
  • A fantastic taste: Its fragrance does not have that burnt taste that other electronic cigarettes have.
  • Easy to use: The five temperature settings make it very easy to use.
  • Easy to clean: The tip comes off quite easily. Also, a cleaning brush is provided by Green Fire.


  • Overheating: Some users have experienced a problem with overheating, but also with the power supply.

4. Acrowell Penguin Medical device with adjustable temperature

Even if the price of an e-cigarette is within reach of all budgets, it is always useful to know how to buy an electronic cigarette with better value for money. Well designed, the Black Widow has a ceramic chamber that is both narrow and deep.Remember that this cigarette works thanks to conduction heating. Durable, it is equipped with a metal tip. This material conducts heat better than glass and lasts longer than a plastic tip. It also improves the flavor of the vapor.Elegant, the housing is made of aluminum alloy. For a cheap cigarette, the level of its finish is comparable to that of a model that costs twice its price.

On top of that, it comes with a cleaning kit, a USB cable, and a dedicated adapter for wall sockets. Powered by a 2200 mAh battery, this device will allow you to vaporize cannabis.


  • Fast charging: Despite the capacity of the battery, the battery recharges quite quickly.
  • Functional: The ignition and the temperature setting are done by the same button. Note also that the heating can be set at a temperature of 428°F or 220°C.
  • Easy to maintain: The metal tip is much easier to clean than a plastic or glass model. The cleaning kit is complete.


  • Burning: Because the mouthpiece is made of metal, it has an annoying tendency to burn the lips, especially when the heating is set at a very high temperature.

5. Vapium Lite

Since cannabis has been legalized in some states in USA, electronic cigarettes have been an enormous success. Withstanding conduction heating, the chamber of this cigarette is made of ceramic.

Made of glass, its tip will not transmit the heat emitted by the heating system. The air intake drawer has been designed according to the rules of the art and will always remain as clean as ever.

Discreet, the housing has a matte black finish. As a portable vaporizer, the Vapium Lite is easy to carry and fits in almost any pocket. The heating temperature is adjustable from 180 to 228 °C and can be set to any temperature.

To ensure that the cigarette is in working order, simply check the power indicator. As for the battery, it can be recharged with a USB-C cable, which, remember, is supplied by the manufacturer.


  • Fast: The heating is quick to warm up and works evenly. Vapium has even specified that the heating time of the Lite version is only about 30 seconds.
  • Space-saving: With a height of 15 cm and rounded edges, this cigarette will easily fit in your pocket.
  • Easy to use: The size of the control buttons makes it very easy to use. The size of the control buttons makes it very easy to use and they are very well labeled.


  • Insufficient battery life: The battery that powers it is not as powerful as you might think.
  • Unstable mouthpiece: The mouthpiece never stays in place, which is quite disturbing.