Are you excited to bring your pooch outside for a walk? Walking your dog regularly is a form of exercise that helps not only his physical but also his mental health. It helps in burning their excess calories and energy too — a constructive activity that helps prevent destructive behavior in dogs. It also deepens human-canine relationships that can help address dog’s annoying and attention-seeking behaviors.

When walking your dog outside, it’s best to train him in wearing a leash. A dog leash will keep your furry best friend safe at all times, as well as the people and other pets around him. Some neighborhoods have a policy that prevents dogs from entering private properties; thus, letting your dog wear one can prevent it from happening. Wearing a leash can also protect your dogs from viruses such as parvo and distemper as it retrains them from sniffing unnecessary things or places.

So, now your pooch looks fab and is all fashioned up, it’s time for you. In colder, wetter weather, a warm waterproof coat is a necessity. Pick one with plenty of pockets for poo bags, keys, and so on, and maybe even color coordinate with Rover!

If you are looking for the perfect leash to buy, then, you should check out this list of our top five brands.


Regular walking has many health benefits for you and your dog. Surprise your beloved pooch with this Cooyoo 2 Pack Heavy Duty Dog Leash — a highly durable leash that comes with soft padded ergonomically designed foam handle. It is best for night walking too as it has reflective threads that can provide visibility. They are comfortable for both you and your dog, making walks a lot less stressful and more fun. You may also choose from a variety of colors that best suit your dog. Not to mention, it comes with bonus accessories such as a collapsible bowl and poop bags. Cool, right?


Looking for the best way to improve your relationship with your dog? Why not try to walk him around the neighborhood or bring him to the park frequently? Doing this will surely make your dog jump out of joy! Just remember to put him on a leash. Using this Baapet Dog Leash makes a great choice for regular strolls. This heavy duty dog leash is the best tool for walking, training, or running. It also protects your hands from rope burns and calluses because of its soft padded handle, making it comfortable to hold on to for hours. It also has reflective threads that keep your dog safe from late-evening walks.


Did you know that a leash isn’t only a training tool, but a great way to reward your dog too? Dogs can get pretty excited at the sight of a leash — knowing that it’s time for them to explore the outdoors again. Surprise him with this Tug Heavy Duty Dog Leash that comes with an ergonomic anti-slip handle for a comfortable yet secure hold. Unlike ordinary leash, this tape leash can give your dog more freedom as it comes with a quick lock and unlock feature. It comes with 16 feet of tape leash that is retractable and has 360 degree tape movement, so you need not worry about tangles and snags.


Is your dog an outdoor junkie? If he is, then, this Maypaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash makes a great gift. This lead leash comes in different colors that can fit your dog’s personality. It is also 6ft long and with a 12mm diameter; therefore, you and your dog will have enough space in between while walking and a strong hold that will not snap on you. This lightweight and durable dog leash is made of nylon — perfect for medium and large sized dog breeds. The nylon leash is flexible enough to not be uncomfortable for your dog, and yet sturdy enough to let you maintain full control.


To keep your dog safe from any harmful things while exploring the neighborhood, make him wear this Petsafe Nylon Dog Leash that can give you the control of where he goes. It comes in different lengths and widths too, so you can choose which one best fits your dog. They are available in multiple lengths and widths, so you can have full control. This leash also works with other training aids such as Gentle Leader Headcollars and Easy Walk Harnesses. The PetSafe brand has tons of experience in pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle, and they have poured their expertise into the design of this simple yet functional dog leash.