We love going out with our beloved furry pals. As much as we love to carry them around, walking them is far easier especially if you are bringing along a large breed. Using collars and a leash is a pretty common practice among dog lovers, but it is not always the best option when walking around with your dog. A harness is a better solution in keeping your fur buddy safe while strolling around because a harness helps in dispersing pressure in your dog’s body, preventing neck and back strain. This means that you can go for longer walks together, getting your steps in and helping with your fitness regime too! So if you already have the best leash and a cute little outfit for your dog, why not also get a harness as a useful and cute accessory.

Top 101 Best Dog Harness

Check out our pick of the best dog harnesses in 2021:


The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is perfect for any dog size. It easily slips on over the head and neck and has four points for adjustment in order to snuggly fit on your dog’s body. What we love about this harness is how sturdy it is and how it feels both secure and comfortable for the dog. It has a cushioned chest plate that is mild yet firm. Another bonus is that it has a large variety of color options to choose from. You and your dog can enjoy your daily walks safely and comfortably with this well-designed dog harness by Rabbitgoo.

rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness Padded Adjustable Pet Vest Harness with Handle Front Clip Harness for Large Dogs Training or Walking, Durable and No Choking-Black


Fighters and German shepherds with a deep chest can be hard to harness since they may either choke or slip out easily on an ill-fitting dog harness. The Expawlorer Soft Reflective Harness has a deep-chested cushion that is perfectly matched with elastic straps to ensure comfort and protection for big dogs with deep chests. It feels very sturdy with its alloy D-ring leash attachment and secure in the hand with its extra handle. The extra-thick reflective straps is made for your dog’s safety. This dog harness is specially designed to provide great control without hurting dogs of larger breeds.


Little puppies tend to be more active and energetic. That makes it harder to put your dog on a leash and keep them under control during a walk. The Eagloo Dog Harness is perfect for your energetic puppy who wants to roam around the park. You can enjoy using the lightweight mesh harness that is easy to wash, perfect for rainy days and muddy parks. It has an incredibly soft material that is delicate to your puppy’s tiny body and adjustable neck straps for comfort. Make sure to check the size before buying as it suits small dogs and puppies.


Dogs love to run wild whenever they are out for a stroll. That makes it hard to collar them because they might get caught up on their leash. With the Freedom No-Pull Harness, your dog can be free to move around even when leashed. It has a unique front clip that helps prevent pulling and gives you a mild but sure control. It is made soft and velvety for comfort, and is designed with four adjustable points for the best fit possible. This harness is recommended by many expert dog trainers as the ultimate dog harness for both flexibility and control.


The PetSafe Easy Walks dog harness is widely recommended by vets and trainers alike for its safety as it prevents excess pulling. The front attachment lets you comfortably steer your dog to your side, which is a unique feature to this harness. The straps also prevent gagging and choking as it rests on your dog’s chest and belly not too tightly and is completely adjustable to fit any body type with its quick-snap design. What we love about this harness is that you can send them back for replacement with a minimal fee in case your dog starts chewing on it.