Has your dog ever gone missing? If you have experienced it, then, you know that it’s a very stressful and traumatic experience for both you and your beloved pooch — truly every fur parent’s nightmare! When your dog gets missing, it’s important to search your neighborhood first and immediately file a lost report to every pet shelter in your area as well as to your local police department.

With the advancement of technologies, especially mobile tech, losing a four-legged family member can now be prevented. Smartphones have become even more useful. Dog-wearable GPS tracker devices can help you find the location of your dog easily, and by downloading one of the many tracker apps on your smartphone, you can relax, confident that your dog is safe.

If you are looking for the best one to buy, then, you should check out this list of our favorite dog GPS trackers.


It’s our responsibility to keep our beloved furry best friends safe. To ensure their safety, we should let them wear GPS devices that can inform us about their whereabouts. This Garmin Alpha Dog Device is a good choice. It has a high-sensitivity GPS that can easily keep track of your dog’s location. It can immediately notify you in case your dog crosses the boundary you set on the map. It also has a long battery life, for as long as 40 hours. The high sensitivity GPS is further powered with GLONASS, making it very accurate. You can track your dog’s location easily with this.


Dogs are afraid of loud and sudden noise. If startled, they can run off randomly so it is best if they are wearing GPS trackers. These devices can help you find your frightened dogs right away. Check out this Petfon GPS Tracker — a real time tracking and rainproof device that has GPS, bluetooth, and WiFi assisted location. This tracker comes with a smartphone app where you can easily track your dog’s activities at any time of the day. It also has an alert system where you can get notified if your pet leaves the safe area you set for him.


There is nothing more frightening than losing your beloved pet, especially in a place you have never been before. To prevent this unfortunate event from happening, let him wear this Bartun GPS Pet Tracker. This tracker can help locate your dog’s position easily and accurately — using GPS technology, smartphone app, SMS, and an internet connection. The best thing about this GPS dog tracker is that it has no range limit and can be used in more than 150 countries worldwide. You can use this for your dog, wherever may be in the world, including places you have never been before. Amazing, isn’t it?