Just like humans, dogs also experience digestive issues that include diarrhoea, intermittent loose stools, flatulence, vomiting, and nausea.

Seeing these signs on dogs can be alarming and frustrating especially for dog owners. Some stomach sensitivities on your dogs are caused by a change in their diet such as eating new food or eating too fast. It may also be caused by bacteria, tumors, parasites, or some food ingredients intolerance.

If you notice that your dog is feeling sick and showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, then, you have to be extra careful on the food you serve. Make sure to give him a digestible and pooch-friendly food that can help ease his discomfort. There are many dog food brands in the market made especially for sensitive stomachs.

Check out these best brands highly suggested by the experts and veterinarians.


When buying food for your beloved pooch, you have to check the ingredients and nutritional facts label about the product. Make sure that it contains ingredients that are safe for your dog. This Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is the best choice if your dog has a sensitive stomach — a great source of prebiotic fiber that can help in supporting your dog’s balanced gut microbiome. It is highly digestible too; thus, it’s best for optimal nutrients absorption. This dry dog food is widely recommended by veterinarians everywhere as it is made from 100% natural ingredients.


Is your dog experiencing some recurring gastrointestinal signs? A shift in diet is highly suggested. Try feeding him Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. This dog food contains real salmon that your dog will surely love. It’s all natural too — containing no wheat, soy, corn, poultry by products, artificial flavors, or colors. Thus, it is very safe for your dog to eat and with its prebiotic fiber, it can help improve his digestive health. Each bag contains 30 whole pounds of this nutritious dry dog food made with no food allergens to worry about. It is sure to be enjoyed by your dog without leaving an upset stomach after every meal.


There are some ingredients in pet food that can upset your beloved pooch’s stomach. To prevent this from happening, you have to buy a dog food brand that contains high quality ingredients. One of the best brands you can choose is Purina One Sensitive Systems Formula, a protein-rich crunchy kibble that your furry best friend would surely love. This dog food can be served dry or wet — mixing one part water to four parts Purina One. Every 31.1 pound bag of Purina One dry dog food is made from real salmon rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, which will give your dog a beautiful coat.


As fur parents, we feel anxious when we see our dogs feeling sick. To help ease their discomfort due to an upset stomach, consider feeding them this Lucy Pet Formulas For Life. These grain free kibbles are carefully formulated for your dog’s digestive health — containing salmon, quinoa, and pumpkin. It’s rich in protein and contains Omega 3 fatty acids that can make your dog’s skin and coat shinier and healthier, as well as a healthier cardiovascular system. Also, whenever you buy a bag of Lucy Pet Formulas for Life, a donation is made to the Lucy Pet Foundation to help give free spay and neuters in low income areas.


It is common for dogs to experience an occasional upset stomach but if you observe that your dog is experiencing it more frequently, then you should consider changing his diet. Dogs enjoy eating wet food as it is easy to digest. Try to feed him with Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food. It is made with all natural ingredients so you are confident that it is safe for your beloved pooch. Not to mention, it contains omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E that can also make your dog’s skin healthier. Widely recommended by veterinarians, this dry dog food is perfect for delivering essential nutrients to your dog.